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Safe Healing: How Curcumin BioBDMC™ Trumps NSAIDs

Updated: 3 days ago

Safe Healing: How Curcumin BioBDMC™ Trumps NSAIDs

Franco Cavaleri addresses the prevalent issue of chronic NSAID use among athletes battling tendonitis. He explains the disadvantage of relying on traditional anti-inflammatory drugs and introduces a compelling solution—Curcumin BioBDMC™.

The NSAID Conundrum: Gastrointestinal Compromise

Franco highlights the longstanding trend of athletes turning to NSAIDs like ibuprofen, often causing gastrointestinal distress, including gastric ulcers and H pylori infiltration. Chronic use, driven by intense training or persistent tendonitis, poses a threat to overall gastrointestinal function.

Curcumin BioBDMC™: A Game-Changing Alternative

Presenting a breakthrough, Franco introduces Curcumin BioBDMC™ as a potent anti-inflammatory. Supported by research, it proves to be 14 times more effective in treating inflammatory conditions compared to ibuprofen and aspirin. Notably, it avoids the adverse impact on the gastrointestinal tract.

Orthopedic Success Story: Transitioning from NSAIDs to Curcumin BioBDMC

Franco shares a transformative anecdote involving an orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon successfully shifted patients with chronic inflammatory conditions, specifically elbow tendonitis, from NSAIDs to Curcumin BioBDMC™, mitigating the risk of developing gastrointestinal disorders like mucosal ulcers.

"There is a workaround; try our Curcumin BioBDMC™ for an anti-inflammatory countermeasure"

Franco concludes by emphasizing the role of Curcumin BioBDMC™ in recovery. As he himself started using curcumin in 1992 to aid post-training recovery, he attests to its effectiveness in combating the toll of intense workouts.

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