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The Ultimate Fat-Burning Solution

+ Laser Cognitive Focus

Let us formulate your own customised version of this fat burner using ThermoGallate™ as a driving ingredient for results.

ThermoGallate™ is a complex made of a unique gallate polyphenol that delivers highly pointed pharmacology associated with thermogenic activation; coupled to butyrate to generate a complex that has been studied at Biologic for its ability to turn on the body's natural fat-burning furnace.


The activity of the gallic acid component of this molecule is shown in our research at Biologic to elevate Brown Adipose Fat (BAT) differentiation to activate these cells and furthermore, activate Uncoupling Protein 1(UCP) to keep the fat burning furnace active. 


Brown Adipose Fat gains its coloration from the high number of mitochondria in these cells.  The mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell) is responsible for generating ATP energy from substrates like glucose and broken down fat.  These fat furnaces can go dormant in adults and those of us, especially, that lead less than healthy lifestyles.  Once dormant, they no longer turn fat energy into heat.  Reactivating them gets your body into fat-burning mode turning fat calories into heat and dissipating calories into thin air.  


Butyric-Gallate delivers many layers of formidable metabolic activity:


1) increases ketogenic activity by activating beta oxidation, an activity that turns your body fat into ketones for the brain;


2) activates UCP protein to activate fat burning BAT cells to have them use fat calories to make heat literally burning fat into thin air;


3) improves the survival of epinephrine in circulation to further elevate and maintain this thermogenic activity and increase mind and body energy.  


What will I feel?


Upon consuming Thermogallate you will feel mental energy skyrocket so you feel limitless in your abilities; appetite will be suppressed; calories will burn into heat energy increasing body temperature; and ultimately diet, workout drive and body weight will be back in your control.

Additional benefits of ThermoGallate™

  1. Induces Ketogenesis: ThermoGallate™ works by inducing ketogenesis - a natural process in which your body produces ketones from its own fat reserves. This means that instead of burning carbs for energy, your body burns fat instead.

  2. Activates Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT): ThermoGallate™ activates brown adipose tissue - your body's fat-burning furnace - by stimulating uncoupling protein activity. This helps you burn fat to generate heat, without having to exercise.

  3. Mobilizes Fat Stores: Our DAY Formula is a powerful tool that helps mobilize fat from your adipose fat stores, activates thermogenic fat burning, and induces ketogenesis. This allows you to burn fat as your primary energy source, which can help you lose weight more effectively.

  4. Heightens Brain Fuel: ThermoGallate™ provides your brain with the fuel it needs to keep you focused and energized throughout the day. This allows you to stay in control of your diet and cravings, while burning fat as your primary energy source. Say goodbye to hunger pangs and hello to increased energy and creativity.

  5. Promotes Restful Sleep: Our NIGHT Formula provides an added fat-burning push to continue the BAT activity while you sleep. This leads to a noticeable accumulation of heat as your body fat is converted into energy. Not only will you wake up feeling lighter and more refreshed, but you'll also enjoy a restful night's sleep.

  6. Improved gut health: Butyric acid has been shown to improve gut barrier function, reduce inflammation, and increase the production of beneficial gut bacteria.

  7. Reduced inflammation: Butyric acid has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in the gut and throughout the body

  8. Improved insulin sensitivity: Butyric acid has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, which can help lower blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

  9. Antioxidant properties: Gallate complexes have been shown to have antioxidant properties, which can help protect cells from oxidative damage.

  10. Anti-inflammatory properties: Some studies have suggested that gallate complexes may have anti-inflammatory effects, which could help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

  11. Neuroprotective effects: Some research has suggested that gallate complexes may have neuroprotective effects, which could help protect against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.


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It's important to note that the specific health benefits of butyric acid and gallate complexes may depend on the specific form and dosage of these compounds, as well as individual factors such as age, health status, and diet. It's always a good idea to talk to your healthcare provider before taking any new supplements or making significant changes to your diet.


With its natural fat-burning properties and ability to mobilize fat stores, activate thermogenic fat burning, and induce ketogenesis, it is a great supplement for anyone looking to lose weight. Plus, with the added benefit of heightened brain fuel and restful sleep, ThermoGallate™ is a comprehensive solution for all your weight loss needs.

ThermoGallate™ Research Summary


ThermoGallate™ is a powerful tool for weight loss that can help you achieve your goals more effectively.

ThermoGallate™ sets in motion multiple biological processes that result in "MELTING FAT". It's an all-natural, zero-carb supplement that triggers ketogenesis in your body and helps you achieve your weight loss goals without adding unnecessary calories to your diet.

This re-engineered ThermoGallate™ complex signals your liver to convert fat to ketones for energy, breaks down and mobilizes fat from adipose tissue, and activates the thermogenic activity of brown fat cells. Within minutes of taking the supplement, you'll experience a sense of elevated energy, and in 20-30 minutes, you'll start to feel the thermogenic heat, which means your body is using fat as an energy source. People have reported losing weight in just days, suppressing appetite, and sleeping deep and well.

ThermoGallate™ not only promotes ketogenesis but also supports healthy blood sugar management, healthy gut bacteria, stronger cognitive performance, and weight management. You can take one to two capsules per day.

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Research in Progress (CLICK PDF)

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Sample Formulation

Day Formula
Night Formula

Let us formulate your own customised version of this fat burner using ThermoGallate™ as a driving ingredient for results.


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