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From our core group of technologies showcased here, off-shoot products are available in multiple delivery forms such as powder, tablets, caplet, capsule, sachet and stick pack; multiple delicious flavors for effective pre-workout, post-workout and daily preventive powdered beverage mixes; functionally active coffee and tea creamers and more. Additionally, compositional variations of the technologies are also used to create channel-specific biological differences such as professional series (ND-lines) versus OTC (health food store shelf lines).




  • Biologic can supply patent-protected nutraceutical technology that is standard setting and supported by peer-reviewed published research.

  • Biologic can manufacture your finished product to be bottled and consumer-ready, or provide the finished technology for you to package.

  • In addition, being primarily a pharma-modeled research organisation, Biologic can formulate around our patent technologies as the active base to add additional unique ingredients that are common to your brand’s theme or your product’s specific indication.

  • Furthermore, we can run research to establish new data (graphs and tables) and new claims for your own branded (with your brands name published) product over time using our patented technology with the added ingredient base.

  • Our own Biologic-initiated marketing of the technologies and continued research on each technology to further evolve the marketing and scientific messaging will support your brand’s commitment to the technology.





We are primarily a research laboratory that establishes its own patent technology. Biologic is first and foremost a research organization founded on a platform of 30 years of experience in the nutraceutical industry that is wedded to the latest allopathic pharmaceutical research protocols. We own our patented technologies. We are not a go-between licensor of a third party’s technology. As such we are able to give you a reliable first-hand lasting commitment that does not depend on third-party contracts.


Additionally, our ongoing pharmaceutical research using nutraceutical fractions in our laboratories on existing and new technologies continues to evolve and add data to the marketing message for each technology you commit to. We simply continue to add new value and fresh science for your brand to leverage on an ongoing basis.


Furthermore, much of this research is published in the public medical sciences literature for scientific referencing by brands and other researchers

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