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Weight Management

GLYVIA™ is a natural zero-carbohydrate dietary supplement that can be added to food and beverages.  It tastes amazing delivering a sugar-like taste and mouthfeel without the sugar calories or serum sugar spike, and without the aftertaste commonly associated with stevia or artificial-type sweeteners. This patented technology changes the way we use dietary supplements bringing with it’s own sweetness and delivering its own unique delicious experience.  

Suitable for all ages and ideal as table sugar, tabs on the go, and ready to pour for cooking and baking. 



  • Zero-carbohydrate

  • Low – zero glycemic index

  • Reduces the amount of natural glycoside to approximately only 20% of typical usage needed for sweetness

  • Is said to reduce appetite and carbohydrate consumption

  • Add to foods (baking) and beverages like tea, coffee or other

  • Supports healthy serum blood sugar

  • Adds sweetness-tastes clean like sugar​

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The Glycemic Factor




A healthy diet isn’t about severe restriction and elimination. The program doesn’t require the complete exclusion of high-glycemic-index foods such as carrots, white pasta, white rice, turnips, beets, potatoes, many fruits, fruit juices, pastries, and breads. We can eat these foods, but only by correctly timing their consumption during the day. In addition, if serum-glucose regulation is already functioning normally, we’ll have a little more freedom with high-glycemic-index foods. People battling insulin resistance or diabetes today can take a little more fun-food freedom when correction is complete. In addition, GLYVIA™, is a zero carbohydrate, zero protein, zero-calorie, zero artificial ingredients, and zero aftertaste natural dietary supplement that also sweetens your foods and beverages while adding dietary value and can be used daily to appease that sweet tooth. You can lean on GLYVIA™ to make coffee, tea, water, or other beverages taste amazing while delivering dietary support; and top up pancakes and even fruit.


Getting in the glycemic groove and getting ‘sweet’ in the diet is made easy with GLYVIA™.



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Imagine the future of a new healthy, guilt-free sugar-like taste that is available NOW and is.....

  • ​Diabetic-friendly

  • Effective in regulating healthy blood sugar levels

  • Keto-friendly

  • Vegan-friendly

  • Part of a carb-restricted diet

  • Part of a calorie-restricted diet

  • Natural, organic, for healthy living

  • Great for weight management and overall fitness

  • Easy to use as granular sugar for beverages, baking and cooking

  • Guilt-free, great tasting and has no weird after-taste

  • Safe and enjoyable for everyone from children to seniors

  • For people of all ages and life stages

  • Can be used with sugar to lower the sugar requirement per serving as well.

  • Has no adverse affects 

  • Great for enhancing the flavour of what it's added to

Blue Line Path/GLYVIA™


At approximately 15 minutes after consumption of a heaping teaspoon (6 grams) of GLYVIA™ powder in 300 MLS of water (creating the same sweetness level as table sugar) serum glucose levels remain at the low fasting level all the way through to and past the 75-minute test term.

Red Line Path/Sucrose (Table Sugar):  By the 15-minute mark after consumption of one heaping teaspoon (6 grams) of table sugar (sucrose) stirred into 300 MLS of water creating the same sweetness level as the above GLYVIA™ test solution serum glucose level begins to rise significantly and remained raised for close to 70 minutes.



"How wonderful! It’s the Glyvia! It’s amazing how it’s helping stabilize blood sugar. My husband went from 160 to 93 in four days. Two years ago, I rushed him to the emergency room when his blood sugar shot up to 700."

– Cathi, Nashville


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