My research continues today and includes an initiative to improve the health of all family members-from infants to adults to family pets. The research done to establish human wellness products often stemmed from animal work. My need to understand the metabolic differences from one species to another in order to make sense of this research led me to apply the animal-derived formulations to benefit my own pets. As I became more involved in competitive sport with my dogs, I became an informal consultant for other dog owners. Eventually, I began presenting my research to and consulting with veterinary clinics to help treat some of their difficult cases. The results in this controlled environment were impressive.


Due to repeated requests, I started to produce formulations in bulk to address the most common ailments in companion animals. It quickly became too costly to just give away the remedies because the demand skyrocketed. I soon began mass production of the powerful formulations.


The nutrient-based formulations developed from this research consist of powerful therapies and disease-prevention strategies that you can rely on for your pet. The products are designed specifically for the metabolism of pets. Our companion animals have distinct metabolic needs that require specific dietary and nutraceutical formulations. They also have very different social and instinctive tendencies that influence their emotional state, which, in turn, affects their ability to tolerate illness. A basic understanding of these needs enables a better level of care that preserves our pets' health and vigor throughout a longer life.


Too many pet nutritional products on the store shelves today are relabelled products that were originally designed for humans. This strategy has been adopted by manufacturers who simply try to stick with conventional methods, but the conventional outcome is inadequate. In addition, most of what we feed our pets today is designed primarily for our own convenience. Their health is a secondary thought, and this includes most forms of supplementation. My goal is to change this trend and provide a scientific standard for products that suit the metabolic needs of the animals themselves-to shift the focus of the pet nutrition industry away from profit, convenience, and convention and make our pets' health the priority.


We invite you to download this valuable E-book to maximize your knowledge about your pet's health on a deeper level so that you can make empowered decisions in ensuring the longest and healthiest life for your beloved family pets.