Mind-building is just like bodybuilding. Practicing meditation techniques for decades, masters of this realm dive deeper into the mind than most of us can ever imagine. Having practiced for more than a decade, I, too, realize that infinity exists deep within us. In this peaceful place the mind is freed from flesh and blood. Once relieved from the tangled web of what should be, what should have been, what others expect, what needs to be, and what is right or wrong, the influence of the mind on the body can’t be negative. It just is. To practice meditation daily is to build a stronger, sharper, more focused mind to support a sturdy, vibrant, and resilient body. 


If you live life without a break from daily skirmishes, you’ll never hear the cry for help your cells, body, and soul might be broadcasting to your consciousness. A properly tuned mind not only recognizes the warnings from within, it also sends out life preservation and life recovery to the cells in need. An unhealthy mind can’t bring the warnings to the surface and instead transmits distress signals of its own that become etched in the cells. 


After practicing mind-building for a while, you, too, will be able to reach sanctuary and remain there in peace for 15 minutes a day before executing the second phase of the meditation program. The second phase of the program I like to use is visualization of recovery, maintenance, and/or performance. The first phase is less mind-active while the second is proactive—mind over matter, mind to matter. By regularly practicing and perfecting this technique, the mind eventually becomes sharper and more receptive to all of the senses, including intuition. 

Successful athletes learn to use this powerful tool to accomplish what others fail to see possible in themselves. A seasoned businessperson crafts a plan of action with market studies, costs, revenue projections, profits, and a clearly defined method of execution. In order to achieve a personal or professional goal it has to be seen clearly and a plan needs to be implemented with conviction. Visualization puts the goal in sight and keeps it there. 


[Excerpt by Franco Cavaleri from State of Mind Matters]