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Franco Cavaleri, B.Sc., Ph.D.c

Franco Cavaleri is a Biomedical Research Scientist focused on the pharmacology and therapeutic potential of natural medicines.

Franco achieved a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of British Columbia while climbing the ladder to international bodybuilding success.  He subsequently attended the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine to doctoral (Ph.D.) candidate status; and performed over the four years with high academic grade point standing completing and passing in high standing as well, the comprehensive exam level.  


Franco's research is focused on nutritional biochemistry and nutraceutical pharmacology in the context of the pathology of inflammation and inflammatory disease.  His academic performance and discoveries opened the door to an extension of his thesis work from UBC's Faculty of Medicine combined with that in process at his Biologic Pharmamedical Research laboratory to engage in an overseas University program designed to investigate treatment options for a mysterious rise in cancer. 


He welcomed and enthusiastically engaged in the international opportunity and transitioned the last leg of the doctoral research to allow him to focus on investigating drug candidates derived from traditional Indian medicines using his experimental design which included the discoveries on his curcuminoid-based thesis research. This strategy opened the door to applying these treatments in a formal academic sprint to the doctoral finish line in an accredited Indian government University where human lives might be positively affected sooner in a drug development process than later.  The extended thesis research program was ultimately designed to investigate and find treatment solutions for cancer in hopes that it may lead to treatments for this atypical rise in oral cancer in the community.  This also helped incorporate a meaningful humanitarian purpose to the doctoral thesis research.

franco cavaleri nutritional biochemist




Franco Cavaleri is a Ph.D. candidate in collaboration with international University academic programs to complete his doctoral initiative with a broad and diverse application of experience in medicine that includes the evolution of natural medicines to current allopathic drug standards. He holds a B.Sc. in Nutritional Science and executed his postgraduation doctoral initiative to Ph.D. Candidate status in the Experimental Medicine Program at UBC’s Faculty of Medicine to subsequently add international collaboration to marry the conventional allopathic medical study acquired over four years at UBC's Faculty of Medicine with proven natural pharmacological programs.  


"Immersing natural medicines into current allopathic drug research protocols that mainstream medical practitioners are familiar with will allow us to make groundbreaking discoveries and set new standards for natural medicines that are reliable and irrefutable; that are founded by familiar scientific research protocols.  This will require an education and knowledge accrual from both areas of specialisation and a sturdy vision that sets a strategy to effectively marry these two disciplines credibly supported by drug research outcomes."  Franco Cavaleri

  • His research focus includes the pathology of neurodegenerative and inflammatory diseases/syndromes. His research focus is on curcuminoid pharmacology in the context of disease pathology; primarily NFkB modulation and MSK1 (MAPKinase) regulation.  His work has resulted in medicinal discovery.  He has also proposed a new paradigm for Alzheimer’s disease based on his research findings and how they relate to a proposed influence by heavy metals.  These new subcellular events have been shown to be a possible underlying driver for Alzheimer’s pathology and possibly even that of Parkinson’s disease. The Alzheimer’s disease-related proposals have been peer-reviewed and published in Elsevier's Medical Journals. 

F Cavaleri

Medical hypotheses 85 (6), 779-790

F Cavaleri

Medical hypotheses 84 (5), 460-469

Conflict of Interest Notification in relation to the funding of this research: Franco Cavaleri is the owner of a Biomedical Research Group, Biologic Nutrigenomics Health Research Corporation and Biologic Pharmamedical Research, that funds and executes research on the pharmacology of nutritional and nutraceutical agents that are studied in the context of disease pathology including characteristics that have been associated with inflammation and dementias. The author/researcher is also the owner of related Intellectual Properties.

BSc. from the University of British Columbia

  • Cavaleri graduated in 1991 from the University of British Columbia, where he majored in Human Nutrition. As opposed to continuing to postgraduate studies at the time he took his research and associated business activity off the academic line. His research interests were pursued in a private research setting in a move to maintain commercial control and corporate ownership of pharmacological property. He continues to focus on the latest gene-related and insulin-related nutraceutical research working with humans, canines, and other models (species-specific nutrigenomics).


  • Franco Cavaleri has been a regular lecturer to the pharmacy and other healthcare organizations introducing the pharmacology and drug interactions of some key nutraceuticals and how they too relate to nutrigenomic activity. He regularly lectures to healthcare professionals and layman audiences around the world.


In 2012, Franco Cavaleri returned to UBC’s Faculty of Medicine after selling one of his corporations in an acquisition deal and continued to study his research interests in the context of a Ph.D. Thesis initiative. 

Research by Category 


Franco’s first phase of work in the Ph.D. program led to the completion of relevant Review Papers currently published in – Elsevier’s Medical Hypothesis.  These articles present his findings and views on Alzheimer’s disease and are accessible through public medical library archives- Pubmed.  In these peer-reviewed forums he presents a new perspective on Alzheimer’s disease; a new model for the pathology and potentially a new approach to treatment and prevention. He also proposes a link between Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.  The two medical journal article links:



Curcuminoid pharmacology is a central research interest for this scientist on which he has generated journal articles that are currently in the queue for publication.  Journal papers are in the review phase and present his latest breakthrough laboratory findings that support novel discovery and recent patent applications on the anti-inflammatory activity of curcuminoids.

Breakthrough Announcements:

PUBLISHED: Peer-reviewed Journal Article:  As published in the Journal of Preventive Medicine and others

IMPORTANT: Conflict of Interest Statement. The author/researcher is the owner of a biomedical research group – Biologic Nutrigenomics Health Research Corp and Biologic Pharmamedical Research, that funds and executes research on the pharmacology of nutritional and nutraceutical agents that are studied in the context of disease pathology including characteristics that have been associated with inflammation and dementias. The author/researcher is also the owner of related Intellectual Properties. Author Copyright Franco Cavaleri Ph.D. candidate.


Neurodegenerative Diseases


Franco Cavaleri has published medical journal articles presenting his findings and views on Alzheimer’s disease accessible through public medical library archives- Pubmed.  In these peer-reviewed forums he presents a new perspective on Alzheimer’s disease; a new model for pathology and potentially a new approach to treatment and prevention.

Ketosis, Ketones, and Ketogenesis


Layman Articles:

KETONE <Betahydroxybutyrate and Betahydroxybutyrate couple Butanoic acid molecule>:  pharmacology is a central research interest for this scientist on which he has generated journal articles that are currently in the queue for publication.  


PUBLISHED: Peer-reviewed Journal Articles:  As published in the Journal of Preventive Medicine; Current Research in Diabetes and Obesity Journal and others

Patents and Patents Pending


Franco Cavaleri and his team at Biologic Pharmamedical Research currently manage multiple natural drug patents

some of which include:

  • Curcumin-based compositions and methods of use thereof (Anti-inflammatory).

  • Curcumin-based compositions and methods of use thereof (LDL-Cholesterol).

  • BHB-BA™ compositions and methods of use thereof.

  • GLYVIA™ sweetening and insulinogenic induction compositions and methods of use thereof.

  • Cavaltinib™ in the treatment of COPD, respiratory distress, and COVID-19.

  • Study of Drug Target Identification and Associated Molecular Mechanisms for the
    Therapeutic Activity and Hair Follicle Induction of Two Ashwagandha Extracts Having
    Differential Withanolide Constitutions.


With more patents pending….

curcumin inflammation


Franco Cavaleri has published THREE books in the field of Health, Fitness and Nutrition, and has co-authored publications in related fields.


POTENTIAL WITHIN, A Guide to Nutritional Empowerment


A 550-page, 650 reference book dedicated to human health in relation to lifestyle,

nutrition, and genetics.  POTENTIAL WITHIN is sold in bookstores, pet stores, health

food stores in North America, and now online. 



Franco Cavaleri is the author of this health and disease management book,

HEALTHY LIVING launched at the Ocean Avenue LLC convention in Orlando Florida

the weekend of September 20, 2013.  This book speaks to Obesity, Obesigenic

lifestyles, and thermogenesis and teaches how to make the right lifestyle choices
that led to better health spontaneously. Empowerment of spontaneous

health management while providing lifestyle examples that incorporate the

branded proprietary Ocean Avenue science-based technologies into sample days.

Temporarily out of print.


YOUR DOG'S HEALTH (formal medical review on PubMed)


YOUR DOG’S HEALTH is a reflection of Franco’s research into pet health, a body of

work that paralleled the research presented in POTENTIAL WITHIN. 

YOUR DOGS HEALTH is designed to address canine health and disease in relation

to lifestyle and nutrition and showcases the metabolic and genetic differences that

result in disease vulnerability.  It is sold in bookstores, pet stores, and health food

stores in North America.

Your Dog’s Health is PEER-REVIEWED as of Dec 2010; CITED IN CANADIAN JOURNAL

OF VETERINARY MEDICINE as an “accurate and highly reference supported” clinical

source of information. ALSO CITED IN the peer-reviewed PUBMED CENTRAL DATABASE;

The Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research is published by Canadian Veterinary

Journals Inc.; this peer-reviewed journal has earned a wide international readership

through the publishing of high-quality scientific papers in the field of veterinary medicine.

The Journal publishes the results of original research in veterinary and comparative medicine.




Franco has completed a FIFTH literary work to be published soon—

Potential Within YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM to unveil his recently completed

nutrigenomic work related to autoimmunity and immune system empowerment.


Health Blog and Nutrient-Drug Interactions Database

Franco Cavaleri potential within

Peer Reviewed By the Journal of Veterinary Medicine

1992 IFBB Mr. North America Bodybuilding Championships; Redondo Beach California, USA 

franco cavaleri mr north america bodybuilding champion

Athletic Career

A former soccer player and competitive bodybuilder, Cavaleri has won several titles

including the pro-qualifier, The Weider IFBB Mr. North American Bodybuilding Championships.

  • In April of 2004, Franco was inducted into the CHFA’s (Canadian Health Food Association) 
    Sports Nutrition Hall of Fame for his efforts and contributions to the healthcare 
    and sports nutrition industries. He also sits on the board of the Canadian Sports 
    Nutrition Association. Click for Press kit  >>


  • He has experienced success as an athlete to have won first place in several body building
    titles for Vancouver, BC, Western Canada, and ultimately the ‘pro’ qualifier, IFBB North American

    Bodybuilding Championships (1992); Mr. Western Canada; Mr. British Columbia, 
    Mr. Irone Ore Classics, and more.

​Standings: 1992 North American Championships – IFBB

franco cavaleri supplement manufacturer

Business Career


Franco has built, from conception, 3 companies in the Nutrition Products Industry.  He sold each of them as they came into maturity. Today, he serves as CEO, President, and Research Director of Biologic Pharmamedical Research, Plasm Pharmaceuticals and Biologic Publishing Inc. companies.

Franco is the founder of multiple successful health research and development corporations each serving different niches:

Champion’s Choice Advanced Nutrition, a sports nutrition company

Biologic Nutritional Research Inc., a health and wellness research company;

BiologicVet, a health and wellness products company for canines

Biologic Publishing Inc., a company focusing on publishing health-related instructions, books and education

Biologic Nutrigenomics, a company focused on researching nutrient-gene interactions related to health and disease and

Biologic Pharmamedical Research, a drug research firm studying natural medicine pharmacology in the context of allopathic medical research models.  


Cavaleri’s mission and philosophy are conveyed through these corporations to provide education and other means for humans and their non-human family members to maximize health, performance, and personal potential in life.


Champion’s Choice Advanced Nutrition: Founder, President and CEO.

Founded in 1991 and acquired by Nulife Nutrition LTD  in 1998, the company was

focused on research, development, and sales of nutrient-based sports performance

enhancement and recovery products and medicines to the North American marketplace.


NuLife Corporation (Canadian Arm): VP Sports Nutrition
Franco stayed with this corporation after the acquisition of Champion’s Choice;

his role included research on nutraceutical applications, formulation; education;

business development.


VitaHealth Corporation (USA): Consultant through NuLife Corporation.


Biologic Nutritional Research Inc: Founder, President, and CEO

Founded in 2001 and sold in 2006, the corporation continued the execution of the

postgraduate research work; NFkB modulation; study of curcuminoid pharmacology;  

formulation of therapeutical protocols and products based on nutrigenomics –

nutrient-gene interactions and the influence on the inflammatory response.


BiologicVET: Founder, President, and CEO

  • Founded in 2001 and sold in 2006.

  • Owned and operated by Biologic Nutritional Research.

  • BiologicVET is an additional brand of nutritional supplements designed by Cavaleri
    to maximize health and quality of life for cats and dogs.

  • Developed, formulated, clinically validated, and documented the BiologicVET nutritional
    product line for cats and dogs; launched into Canada, USA, Slovakia and Korea; also formulated
    and prepared the clinical data and studies for Weider Pet Health Products for the USA and
    Canadian executions.


Biologic Publishing Inc: Founder and Chairman


Corporation founded in 2002 and run by Franco Cavaleri designed to publish and report on the investigative and clinical findings related to natural medicines.


Biologic Nutrigenomics Health Research Corp: Founder and Chairman


Corporation founded in 2006 and run by Franco Cavaleri designed to research and validate nutrient-gene interactions in relation to inflammatory response and insulin health.


JM Ocean Avenue - CoFounder and Chief Science Officer


Franco Cavaleri served as the Chief Science Officer and one of the founding members of JM Ocean Avenue, a company doing business in 30 countries at a rate greater than 50 million dollars in sales per year (June 2012-Oct 2015).  Franco Cavaleri led the corporation’s scientific initiatives and research and development; education in the field – layman and medical- and provided the scientific data and support for regulatory approval in each country. He regularly presented his findings in lectures to university-level pharmacy, medical and layman audiences around the world.


Biological Pharmamedical Research - Founder, CEO

Founded in 2015, Franco Cavaleri is the principal researcher and leads the research team at Biologic Pharmamedical Research, a private biomedical research organization involved in the research and development of nutrient and nutraceutical-based technologies or analogs of natural compounds.  Using pharmaceutical or medical research models, the research firm helps define how key botanicals and nutraceutical active agents interact with and modulate cell signaling and behaviour.


Rhema Health Products LTD: Chief Science Officer

Since 2016, Franco is the Chief Science Officer at Rhema Health Products LTD () where he applies experience, knowledge, and patented technology to support nutraceutical formulations with the latest science.  Franco’s mandate directly supports therapeutic and sports nutrition/nutraceutical formulation research and development; standard operating procedure (SOP) development/optimization; regulatory affairs; identification of pharmacological activity in the context of subcellular drug targets; and consumer and healthcare professional lecturing.

Personal Life


Franco Cavaleri is a proud dad of two beautiful children. He practices his health and fitness philosophies and puts family, health and wellness first.  He finds pleasure and pride in guiding and mentoring his children and others in the community to help them be the best they can be.


Franco with a strong Italian heritage was born and raised in Vancouver BC, Canada his whole life.


Franco’s Personal Philosophy:


To improve upon your own skills, knowledge-base, and character in perpetuity are to hone your God-given gift with which you are expected to contribute to the improvement and advancement of humanity.  To persist with discovery within and outside yourself and to apply these findings to serve your community is an obligation we each must take seriously in hopes of making a positive impact on mankind globally.    Biologic Pharmamedical is based on and guided by this personal philosophy.


Franco’s Personal story:

Initially driven by a passion to better understand nutraceuticals and nutrition in order to enhance performance during his quest to win the title of several North American bodybuilding competitions, Franco Cavaleri was struck with ulcerative colitis,  a serious autoimmune disease.  This disease derailed Cavaleri twice with hospitalization and with a prognosis of surgical intervention with prohibitive lifestyle consequences but was also the impetus that changed Cavaleri’s course of research forever.  Cavaleri’s research into anti-inflammatory strategies, originally used to support recovery from training, quickly became focused on better understanding the pharmacology of natural medicinal agents to rehabilitate his ulcerative colitis, without surgical intervention. Cavaleri was able to overcome his disease without surgery!


According to Cavaleri, the key was to isolate an extract instrumental in reducing inflammation. Cavaleri achieved efficient separation of the curcuminoids within the curcumin extract and studied the pharmacology of each constituent independently in isolation. He was able to unravel the pharmacology of each constituent at a cellular and subcellular level in multiple cell lines and tissues.  In this way, Cavaleri has discovered a way to predict curcumin and curcuminoid activity – the result is the new potential to design curcumin-based therapies with greater precision, with the ability to more selectively target subcellular proteins involved in the development of disease symptoms and pathology and increased efficacy by indication.  These discoveries changed everything we knew about curcumin and set a new standard.


About Franco, Synopsis


Franco Cavaleri is an experienced founder with a demonstrated history of working in the health, wellness and fitness industry. He is skilled and experienced in business planning and development, team leadership, coaching, sales, and dietary supplements. He is a strong entrepreneurial professional with thirty years of experience in the Natural Health Products (NHP) industry in regulatory affairs, business development, research and formulation development, quality control, standard operating procedures optimization and executive and management team building.


He completed an undergraduate BSc majoring in Human Nutrition and completed a postgraduate Ph.D. to Ph.D. candidate status and awaits the next steps.  His research is focused on nutritional biochemistry and nutraceutical pharmacology along with the pathology of inflammation and inflammatory disease.  His current doctoral initiative was started at UBC’s Faculty of Medicine/Experimental Medicine program.


Franco is a best-selling author who is also published in Pubmed accessible medical journals. Franco is a former (1992) IFBB Mr. North America bodybuilding champion and has built three successful businesses in the NHP industry from concept to successful merger and acquisition.


Franco Cavaleri speaks candidly about the misaligned facts in Vancouver Sun article:


I want to take an opportunity to bring perspective to the Vancouver Sun and other articles that have spawned from it; extending the claim that I call myself a doctor.    First of all    … Read more >>

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