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“The medicine of the future will be delivered by medical practitioners whose curriculum will have included the study of naturopathic, allopathic, and nutrigenomic sciences with equal attention.  Treatment of disease will involve the use of the least invasive therapy followed by more biologically intrusive therapies or treatments only if required and only after all others have been exhausted.  Although our conventional allopathic medicine has been driven by this directive to limit biological invasion in the course of treatment, it has yet to fully embrace the naturopathic and nutrigenomic tools to fully execute based on this crucial philosophy.  


“ Biologic’s role and objective in this context are to study these natural technologies, map the pharmacology of each of their constituents to better understand the polypharmacology; and validate the pharmacology in the context of specific pathologies to lay the foundation for clinical trials and acceptance of these natural strategies by allopathic medical practitioners and those already applying complementary medicine. “


Today Franco oversees research and development initiatives through his research companies, Biologic Nutrigenomics and Biologic Pharmamedical Research, and extends these health strategies through literature, video, and written posts.

Franco Cavaleri supplement manufacturer


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