Author’s message by Franco Cavaleri


Personal Power. It’s all in your head.

The perfect model for life success.

YOU are responsible for identifying, accepting and pumping up your power.


The human body is capable of formidable feats and incredible shapeshifting. This capacity for outstanding accomplishments holds for both body and mind. Our ability to adapt to our environment can be beyond our capacity to fathom, and therein lies the most potent inhibitor of human potential – an unprepared mind. To fathom is the first step towards believing and making things happen. The mind is the most powerful tool available to each of us, but it’s also the factor that paralyzes most of us in life. Anything we do, fail to do or hope to do starts and stops with thought. It seems that this logic doesn’t need mentioning, but the fact that we gloss over this notion, is the essence of our limitation. Passively allowing actions or reactions in the moment, without conscious guidance creates the opportunity for future patterns with repeating historical problems. Keep your mind tuned, present and active at each moment in order to consciously navigate change if that’s what you desire. Subconscious or passive living allows you to coast with ease today but you will have to pay later when change must be forced.


The key, however, to staying on YOUR right track is keeping your mind tuned IN and alert at all times. KETOBHBA™ (BHB-BA™) takes your mind to the next level of awareness and human existence. If taken daily, it sets the stage for potent willpower, heightened state of being and relentless drive. On KETOBHBA™, you are more likely to follow through on more objectives and achieve more of your goals! You will better be able to stay in ‘conscious mode’ and out of that reactive, subconscious, autopilot mode.


Balancing the dynamic interaction between intellectual capacity and the emotional quotient should be the driving force for the next decisive step you will take when making important life decisions. You can start right now. Decide that this is your turning point. You will not passively accept mediocre and you will not passively cruise on terms set by the environment or people around you.