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Break-through Exogenous Ketone
Rapid Fat-Burning Formulation!

Experience the benefits of elevating your ketones!

All-natural, zero-carb, exogenous ketone supplement rapidly fuels mental and physical performance and naturally supports weight management.


It is clinically proven to induce ketosis regardless of diet. Plus, it tastes great and is only 10 calories!


The body naturally creates ketones as one of its energy sources.


By increasing the level of ketones in the body (ketosis), it may trigger the body to burn stored fat as its preferred fuel source instead of stored glucose (carbs), which can lead to fat loss. Also, it provides lasting natural energy (with no jitters), mental clarity, and appetite suppression (including reduced carb cravings). Drinking sugar-free K, you can experience many of the benefits from increasing the active ketone levels in your body without cutting carbs. If you are on a low-carb or ketogenic
diet, KETOBHBA™ (BHB-BA™) can greatly boost the effects of the diet. It is designed to support the body in quickly achieving and maintaining ketosis.

KETOBHBA™ (BHB-BA™) complex is a patented exogenous ketone formulation backed by scientific research and clinically proven to signal the body to naturally produce ketones and contribute to ketosis. It has been found to work almost instantly, have longer-lasting effects, and be more effective than other exogenous ketone supplements with BHB alone.

Break-through Exogenous Ketone Fat-Burning Formulation that provides very different pharmacology and incremental research-supported metabolic enhancement over BHB alone. Novel patented BHB-BA-complex showcased in recently peer-reviewed and published in scientific literature.


  • Pre-Workout Supplement
  • Provides Natural Energy
  • Helps Improve Mental Performance and Memory
  • Helps Improve Stamina and Physical Performance
  • Provides a higher sense of alertness
  • Study-Stamina Supplement
  • Facilitates the use of fat as an energy substrate
  • Facilitates Ketosis
  • Does not interfere with or inhibit ketogenesis as BHB supplementation does



• Fast-Acting, Zero-Carb Ketone Supplement Drink

• Contains 3,000 mg KETOBHBA™ – Patented Exogenous Ketone Complex

• Great-Tasting, Natural Grape, Berry, or Mango Flavours

• All Natural, Low Calorie, Sugar-Free Gluten Free, and Low Sodium

Ketone Fat Burning Formulation

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KETOBHBA / BHB-BA patent technology and trademarks are
registered and owned by Biologic Pharmamedical Research Inc.

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I just started on b-keto on Monday let me share my experience, I was diagnosed August this year of type 2 diabetes for the last month my morning fasting numbers were pretty high even lowering my carbs cutting out bread, potatoes etc... today is day 4 on b-keto my fasting number went from 164 to 140 and I feel freaking fantastic! 


I added KetoBHBA 3 weeks ago and am blown away! I've lost an additional 4 lbs but am seeing definition in my muscles and DO NOT WORK OUT (bc I hate it)!!! But this is an exogenous keytone supplement that gets your body into ketosis immediately and keeps your liver producing keytones as you take it, one simple pack a day and it burns your own fat as fuel!! Guys...check it out & trust me, the only squat I do is picking up something off the floor!! #50aintsobad


I am 46 years old and on April 1st, I added something NEW to my daily regiment .... this PURPLE DRINK  <made with Ketobhba>... in these past 30 days not only have I lost 13 pounds... but my A1C went down a WHOLE 2 POINTS!!!! 2 POINTS!!! My doctor was so amazed!!! Tears of joy ran down my face when my doctor called me!!! So thankful and blessed for this!!! Can’t wait to see my results next month.


Healthier Measures



You are identifying, accepting and pumping your power.

The human body is capable of formidable feats and incredible shapeshifting. This capacity for outstanding accomplishments holds for both body and mind. Our ability to adapt to our environment can be beyond our capacity to fathom, and therein lies the most potent inhibitor of human potential – an unprepared mind. To fathom is the first step towards believing and making things happen. The mind is the most powerful tool available to each of us, but it's also the factor that paralyzes most of us in life.


Anything we do, fail to do, or hope to do starts and stops with thought. It seems that this logic doesn't need mentioning, but the very fact that we gloss over the notion is the essence of limitation. Passively allowing actions or reactions at the moment without conscious guidance creates the opportunity for future patterns to repeat historical problems. Keep your mind tuned, present and active at each moment. KETOBHBA™ (BHB-BA™) takes your mind to the next level of awareness and human existence. If taken daily, it sets the stage for potent willpower, a heightened state of being, and relentless drive. On KETOBHBA™, you are more likely to follow through on more objectives and reach more of your goals!


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