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Introducing Healthier Measures E-Book - the latest Franco Cavaleri of Biologic Publishing.

Updated: 6 days ago

Introducing Healthier Measures E-Book - the latest Franco of Biologic Publishing.

Excerpt from coming 40 page e-book HEALTHIER MEASURES...

Just doing video snippets discussing how the Biologic nutraceutical technologies fit into lifestyle empowerment programs!! Curcumin BioBDMC, KETOBHBA, Curcumin LDL45, ASWHITH Ashwagandha, and GLYVIA. These strategies and instructional tools work! Power-up change in your life and empower others who need your advice. Make change and optimize health at any age. Your mind is more powerful than you know. I'm hoping to be able to convince you over time. .... read more below>>

Excerpt from HM >> "Allow me to remind you or introduce you to the notion of ‘placebo effect’.

Think about this term and the significance it has in experimental design. We design scientific experimentation with control subjects to evaluate the ‘placebo effect’ and nullify or set the result OFF of the data we get from the test group. When testing a drug, for example, the control group in this design, is getting a placebo treatment – a pill, for instance, that is dextrose and not pharmaceutical agent. Remind yourself with vigorous consciousness of the reason for this. The reason is to account for the possible results that subjects may experience in a control group that ‘think’ they are getting the therapeutic treatment and are NOT getting the drug. Your mind can produce potent results if you allow it to be uninhibited!

At a more basic level of cognition and follow-through, you are so in charge. You are responsible for making things happen in your life, in your body. Don't wait for others to send you on your way or pave your success or results in life. Most others are on their course, and you could become a tool for their 'purpose' if you are not paying mindful attention to your path and are vulnerable to being detoured. Be heard! Most of all, though, listen to your mind and know it is powerful and USE IT to navigate to your goals and desires consciously."


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