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​Biologic's Mission is to be at the forefront of research and development of natural health care; to educate both health care professionals and recipients about treatment and preventive protocols; make available research-supported alternative and complementary health care and performance-enhancing nutrition.

The Biologic Mission is to contribute irrefutable science that facilitates acceptance of modern natural medicine and to contribute irrefutable science for education and instruction.

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This Mission is driven sincerely by Franco because it saved and changed his own life decades ago - with the hope that today he can do the same for people in need of transformational solutions for a thriving life.


BIOLOGIC Pharmamedical Research is a research organization with a primary mission to validate natural product technologies and advance standardization to more reliable formats. This sets the stage for industry credibility and product reliability for educated consumers demanding proven science by understanding the mechanics and standardization format that people and prescribers can rely on. This is BIOLOGIC’s primary mission.


In order to achieve our mission milestones we need to reach out to and partner with leading industry brands to find effective channels through which we can reach consumers with the reinvented, newly reliable, proven, consistent, health products to serve them.  This consumer satisfaction helps forge credibility for BIOLOGIC, the brands carrying our technologies and the health industry overall.


Biologic's new technologies that are established using approved pharmaceutical drug protocols (also used and trusted by mainstream medicine), provides the basis for brands and consumers to be able to appreciate and trust these new, proven, natural health technologies. It elevates natural health products to natural medicine status that is reliable, proven and consistent.


ALL The funds we generate for product licensing go back into researching the next natural technology to gain knowledge needed to develop it too into the new next level reliable format.

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How does this work at BIOLOGIC Pharmamedical benefit us as a community – practitioners and patients?

Research at BIOLOGIC Pharmamedical is being conducted to evaluate the modulation of various cell-surface and subcellular proteins by botanical extracts and their isolated sub-fractions to better understand the more selective activity of each component comprising even the most concentrated of extracts. Various biological models are used and multiple cell surface, proteomic and genomic targets are pursued. To this date, we have revised the description of common natural drug mechanisms and how they modulate multiple cell signalling pathways, and often even how multiple points of activity can be focused on one signalling pathway. We have also identified novel patentable activity in multiple cases using this model.

This work can often lead to a completely new understanding of common botanical extracts and their pharmacology in the context of disease pathology. It might provide the information, for instance, required to void sub-fractions in the natural substance that may oppose the desired pharmacology or may produce a toxic outcome. It provides a better pharmacology fingerprint for the sub-fraction components needed to design compounding or synergistic activity, say in the case of a signalling pathway being influenced at multiple compounding points.

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