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Nutritional Biochemist Franco Cavaleri Will Speak at 2024 White Label World Expo, Sharing Insights on Health Science Innovation

The former Mr. North America IFBB Champion is a world-renowned biomedical researcher, author, entrepreneur and innovator. 


Franco Cavaleri – a world-renowned biomedical researcher and nutritional biochemist recognized for his pioneering work in nutraceutical-based technologies – is set to take the stage at the upcoming White Label World Expo in Las Vegas next month. 

Cavaleri is the CEO, founder and lead investigator at Biologic Pharmamedical Research, a biomedical laboratory that researches and develops nutraceutical-based technologies. He will speak May 8-9, 2024, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

Cavaleri hopes to inspire thousands of attendees at the world's largest event for professional online sellers and white-label goods suppliers. The expo promises to be a pivotal event for online retailers, start-up businesses, and entrepreneurs seeking to elevate their ventures.

"I am thrilled to participate in the White Label World Expo and engage with fellow innovators and industry leaders," Cavaleri said. "This platform presents a unique opportunity to explore the transformative potential of science and entrepreneurship in shaping the future of healthcare."

Franco Cavaleri speaking at White Label Expo Las Vegas 2024

Cavaleri's speech at the White Label World Expo is titled "Revolutionizing Health: Science, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship" and promises to be a highlight, offering attendees invaluable insights into the dynamic intersection of science and entrepreneurship in health and wellness.

With a B.Sc. and Ph.D.c in Experimental Medicine/Drug Pharmacology, Cavaleri has established himself as a trailblazer in the field of health sciences. As the lead investigator at Biologic Pharmamedical Research, he has driven groundbreaking research and development. 

He has founded and patented several nutraceuticals, including Curcumin BioBDMC™30, Ashwith™ Ashwagandha, Glyvia™ Sweetener and a leading exogenous ketone supplement, Keto BHB-BA™.  

He is also the best-selling author of the book "Potential Within" and has authored eBooks on human and pet health. Cavaleri has also published countless scientific articles accessible through Pubmed and other online medical and scientific journals.

Franco Cavaleri: From BodyBuilding to BioChemistry 

Cavaleri’s passion for health and fitness led him to clinch the IFBB Mr. North America title in 1992, and when he later faced his own health scare with ulcerative colitis, he was inspired to seek alternative therapies, launching him on a whole new career path. 

Franco was driven to blend the wisdom of plant-based healing with modern medicine. Since then, he’s built three successful businesses in the natural health product industry from concept to merger and acquisition. 

Franco Cavaleri completed his Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Human Nutrition from the University of British Columbia. He attended the University of British Columbia for his postgraduate doctoral study at the Faculty of Medicine’s Experimental Medicine Program. His research interest and focus continues to be on nutraceutical pharmacology in the context of the pathology of inflammation and inflammatory disease.

Cavaleri’s research is focused on nutritional biochemistry and nutraceutical pharmacology in the context of the pathology of inflammation and inflammatory disease.  His academic performance and discoveries opened the door to an extension of his thesis work from UBC's Faculty of Medicine combined with that in process at his Biologic Pharmamedical Research laboratory to engage in an overseas university program designed to investigate treatment options for a mysterious rise in cancer. 

He eagerly embraced the international opportunity and shifted his doctoral research focus to investigate drug candidates from traditional Indian medicines, building upon his  findings from curcuminoid-based doctoral thesis research.

This strategy opened the door to applying these treatments in a formal academic sprint to the doctoral finish line as a collaboration with an accredited Indian government university where human lives might be positively affected sooner in a drug development process than later. The extended thesis research program was ultimately designed to investigate and find treatment solutions for cancer in hopes that it may lead to treatments for this atypical rise in oral cancer in the community. This also helped incorporate a meaningful humanitarian purpose to the doctoral thesis research.

Cavaleri's work showcases the potential future of healthcare, blending natural science-based solutions with innovation to create new avenues for treatment and wellness.

"At the heart of my work lies a profound dedication to improving health and well-being, integrating scientific research, business ventures, and advocacy seamlessly," Cavaleri shared. "My pursuit of innovation in healthcare, particularly in addressing inflammatory conditions and cancer, goes beyond professional ambition—it's deeply personal. My own health challenges, notably severe ulcerative colitis, have not only shaped my research direction but have also ignited my passion for investigating the therapeutic benefits of curcuminoids and other plant-based constituents in managing inflammatory diseases. Through this journey, I aim to offer hope with alternative or complementary medicines to countless individuals worldwide." 

Franco Cavaleri Will Join Top Leaders At White Label World Expo 

Franco Cavaleri and the Biologic Pharmamedical team enjoyed a successful trade show experience at the 2023 White Label World Expo and anticipate this year’s expo to be even better.  

"We're thrilled to return to the White Label World Expo," he remarked. "It's an invaluable opportunity to connect with fellow professionals, share insights, and showcase the transformative work we're doing at Biologic Pharmamedical."

Renowned for their groundbreaking contributions to health science and pharmaceutical innovation, Franco Cavaleri and Biologic have consistently captivated audiences with their cutting-edge research and product offerings. Their participation in the White Label World Expo serves as a platform to showcase their latest advancements and forge key partnerships within the industry.

"We had the privilege of engaging with a diverse array of highly relevant potential customers at the expo last year, presenting us with thrilling prospects to integrate our nutraceutical technologies into upcoming pioneering formulations," Cavaleri explained. 

"Everyone was upbeat and excited, and we look forward to this year's event as we share our mission of healing through natural compounds supported by rigorous scientific research.  Our technologies allow new customers an opportunity to engage in the ever-growing health industry with consumable products we guide to the finish line but to do so with technologies that have peer-reviewed published papers to support them; and results people can actually feel within minutes to hours.  This offering instills credibility and repeat sales to customers who can immediately appreciate an efficacious experience from relief from pain; to improved cognition and better mental clarity; to improved physical performance in sport, weight loss and more."

The White Label World Expo is a huge expo event that redefines the landscape of online retailing and entrepreneurship. With its upcoming edition set to take place at the prestigious Las Vegas Convention Center, the expo is the ultimate destination for industry professionals, start-up businesses, and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to take their ventures to new heights. 

Boasting a lineup of over 150 industry-leading speakers and exhibitors, like Franco Cavaleri, the event offers attendees a unique opportunity to connect with suppliers and manufacturers of white-label and private-label goods, explore innovative products and services, and gain invaluable insights from experts across various sectors. 

As the epicenter of innovation and collaboration, the White Label World Expo is poised to empower and inspire attendees as they embark on their journey toward business success.

"I'm thrilled to be speaking at the White Label World Expo, where industry leaders converge to explore the forefront of innovation," Cavaleri said. "This platform provides an unparalleled opportunity to share insights, inspire collaboration, and catalyze positive change in health sciences and entrepreneurship. I'm particularly excited to share the latest news from Biologic Pharmamedical as we discuss the transformative potential of integrating natural medicines into mainstream research protocols. We are setting new standards for reliable and irrefutable treatments founded on familiar scientific research protocols." 

Biologic Pharmamedical doesn’t just provide products and services, the company delivers a systematic approach “where possibilities abound,” Cavaleri said. “It’s an incredible system that caters to the diverse needs of each individual.” 


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About Franco Cavaleri:

Franco Cavaleri is a distinguished scientist, entrepreneur, and speaker, renowned for his pioneering work in nutraceutical-based technologies. With a B.Sc. and Ph.D.c in Experimental Medicine/Drug Pharmacology, Cavaleri has dedicated his career to advancing the frontiers of health sciences. As the lead investigator at Biologic Pharmamedical Research, he continues to drive innovation and excellence in biomedical research, with a focus on inflammatory diseases and neurodegenerative conditions.


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