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How Thermobutyrate™ and ThermoGallate™ Revolutionize Fasting

How Thermobutyrate™ and ThermoGallate™ Revolutionize Fasting

Franco Cavaleri sheds light on the transformative effects of fasting and introduces key compounds, Thermobutyrate™ and ThermoGallate™. With fasting gaining popularity for its health benefits, Franco shares insights into the metabolic processes and proteins activated during fasting, emphasizing the potential of these compounds to enhance the fasting experience.

The Benefits of Fasting

Franco explains how fasting triggers cellular cleansing, induces autophagy, activates stem cells for tissue recovery, and induces thermogenesis for effective fat-burning. While acknowledging the challenges, especially for those daunted by extended fasting periods, he introduces a groundbreaking solution using Thermobutyrate and ThermoGallate™.

Activating Sirtuin Proteins

Delving into the role of sirtuin proteins during fasting, Franco discusses their involvement in restoring metabolic processes, insulin function, mitochondrial activity, and neurological plasticity. He unveils the exciting prospect of activating these proteins using the specially designed compounds, Thermobutyrate™ and ThermoGallate™, mimicking the benefits of a fasted state.

Overcoming Fasting Challenges

Franco addresses the common apprehensions about fasting duration and introduces Thermobutyrate™ and ThermoGallate™ as tools to facilitate ketone production. These compounds provide substrates for energy, sustaining the body during the fasted state while simultaneously activating key proteins for metabolic improvement.

"Thermobutyrate™ and ThermoGallate™, designed in our lab, synergize the effects of fasting. These compounds activate proteins involved in restoration and improve metabolic health during fasting."

Discover the potential of fasting with a supportive edge. Watch the full video on YouTube, explore more at, and consider incorporating Thermobutyrate™ and ThermoGallate™ into your fasting journey

Franco Cavaleri's books, offering in-depth insights, are available at  for a comprehensive understanding of the fasting landscape.

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