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Are you looking for new opportunities to expand your product line and stay ahead of the competition?
Look no further than Biologic Pharmamedical!

As a leading research and development company, Biologic specializes in manufacturing consumer therapeutics and
performance-enhancing products utilizing patented technologies from Cavaleri Health Inc. Our research services include drug and
nutraceutical discovery research on proteomic and genomic targets, research and development of novel therapeutics and
medicines, and management of a related portfolio of patented ingredients to manufacture finished therapies by contract.
With over 40 years of experience in the nutraceutical industry,


Biologic is a reliable and committed partner in the natural health
industry wedded to allopathic pharmaceutical research protocols to validate and optimize these natural therapies.


Our ongoing pharmaceutical research using nutraceutical fractions in our laboratories on existing and new technologies continues to evolve and add data to the marketing message for each technology you commit to. We simply continue to add new value and refresh science for your brand to leverage on an ongoing basis.


Moreover, much of our research is published in the public medical sciences literature for scientific referencing by brands and other
researchers, ensuring that your products have the scientific backing they need to stand out in the marketplace. Additionally, these novel research discoveries set the stage for patent status to protect your new inflection point in the chosen category.


Partner with Biologic Pharmamedical today and gain access to cutting-edge technologies with a trend-setting narrative
supported by real science and an ongoing research program that will take your brand to the next level!

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Along with our natural patented technologies, we provide comprehensive custom manufacturing services through every stage of development, from R&D to marketing and  sales:
biologic custom manufacturing
  • Supply unique technical patented ingredients

  • Peer-reviewed published research for referencing

  • Research and custom formulation for your specific product and brand needs

  • We procure other specialized ingredients and flavorings as needed

  • Coordinate with our own manufacturing team

  • Ensure stringent quality control throughout every phase

  • Assistance with NPN and Health Canada requirements; and FDA compliance

  • Detailed review of labeling and packaging specifications

  • Cost breakdown/estimation/pricing

  • Assist with branding communications

  • Live/video training sessions with our chief science formulator for your group

  • Marketing planning, and ongoing fulfillment services

  • Remote video training with marketing material support to ensure your brand's success

At Biologic Pharmamedical, our goal is to help you position yourself as a product leader in the supplement industry.


Contact us today to learn more about our custom manufacturing services and how we can help your brand
deliver proven and optimal results to your customers.

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