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Are you looking for new opportunities to expand your product line and stay ahead of the competition?
Look no further than Biologic Pharmamedical!

Welcome to Biologic, your innovative partner in the realm of consumer therapeutics and performance-enhancing products. With over four decades of expertise in the nutraceutical industry, we are pioneers in harnessing groundbreaking technologies from Cavaleri Health Inc. At Biologic, our commitment extends beyond mere product development; we delve into extensive drug and nutraceutical discovery, focusing on proteomic and genomic targets. Our robust research and development efforts are dedicated to creating novel therapeutics and medicines, supported by a comprehensive portfolio of patented ingredients.

Our approach uniquely blends natural health solutions with rigorous allopathic pharmaceutical research, ensuring the highest standards in therapy optimization. As we continuously innovate and refresh scientific knowledge, your brand gains unparalleled value and relevance. Furthermore, our extensive research is not only a cornerstone in the scientific community but also a strategic asset for your brand's market distinction and patent protection.

Choose Biologic Pharmamedical as your ally. Embrace cutting-edge technologies and a dynamic, science-driven narrative to elevate your brand to unprecedented heights in the competitive marketplace.

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Along with our natural patented technologies, we provide comprehensive custom manufacturing services through every stage of development, from R&D to marketing and  sales:
biologic custom manufacturing

​​Biologic Pharmamedical redefines manufacturing excellence in the supplement industry. Our services are tailored to elevate your brand with a suite of comprehensive solutions:

  • Supplying unique, patented technical ingredients and peer-reviewed research for authoritative referencing.

  • Customized formulation research, catering to your product and brand specifics.

  • Sourcing specialized ingredients and flavorings, aligned with your needs.

  • Integrated coordination with our in-house manufacturing team, ensuring top-tier quality control at every phase.

  • Comprehensive support for regulatory compliance, including NPN and Health Canada requirements, and FDA standards.

  • Meticulous review of labeling and packaging, coupled with a detailed cost analysis for transparent pricing.

  • Expert branding and communication assistance to sharpen your market presence.

  • Engaging live and remote training sessions with our chief science formulator, supported by dynamic marketing materials.

  • Strategic marketing planning and reliable ongoing fulfillment services to keep your brand ahead.

Discover more about our bespoke manufacturing services - connect with us today and benefit from our commitment to not just meet, but exceed the expectations of the supplement industry. Let us be your guide in delivering proven, optimal results to your customers.

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