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Breaking Ground in Cancer Research: A Biologic Lab Triumph

Updated: Feb 16

Breaking Ground in Cancer Research: A Biologic Lab Triumph

Franco Cavaleri delivers exciting news from the Biologic lab, applauding the team's remarkable achievement in cancer research. The project, currently at the bench level in vitro, explores unique drug designs derived from ashwagandha extract, showcasing the potential of a potent, customized cancer drug.

From Bench to Paper: Unveiling the Ashwith Cancer Drug

The team's dedication culminates in the publication of a groundbreaking paper, introducing a powerful cancer drug derived and modified from ashwagandha extract. While not yet approved as a cancer drug, the paper sheds light on promising data, marking a significant milestone in cancer research.

Cautionary Clarity: No Claims, Just Great Data

Franco maintains transparency, emphasizing that the ashwith™-derived cancer drug is not yet approved for clinical use. Despite this, the team is proud to share the compelling data published, showcasing their dedication to advancing cancer research through innovative drug designs.

Collaborative Future: Partnering with Indian University

Looking ahead, Biologic has entered a collaboration with an Indian university to propel the research to the next stage. This strategic partnership aims to progress toward clinical research, with a hopeful focus on helping individuals overcome oral cancer and various other cancer types.

"We're not making claims yet. We've got great data that was just published, and I want to congratulate our team. They've done an amazing job."

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