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Mindfully Avoiding Snacking to Death: Overcoming Pandemic Weight Gain

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

We have the tools. Pandemic weight gain is not something to be taken lightly. Combine the weight gain with the incremental financial stress, relationship strain and quarantine cabin fever that the pandemic restrictions may have created and disease risk and morbidity goes up with each added factor. In fact, the subclinical activity related to a struggling metabolism that’s strained by anxiety and bad dietary habits can only make things worse if infection by SarsCoV2 is added to the list.

Mindfully Avoiding Snacking to Death

Obesity is already a major public health problem. Lifestyle habits that have led to this fast-growing trend are usually made worse if we stay home to work. It’s easy to move from the bed in the morning to the desk without fully preparing for the day like we might if we were to go to the workplace. However, this failure to clean up and groom upon rising just makes it more likely to take less care of yourself the rest of the day.

Working from home requires planning and discipline to override the convenient path: snacking on junk food; sitting all day at the desk and breaking away for the couch; and neglecting hygiene and grooming. Many have taken the opportunity to plan a healthy daily program that includes a run or walk break and preplanned healthy food choices. Too many have just ridden the couch! Managing weight and related health and diseased states is not about forcing a ‘diet’ into the daily plan or forcing upon yourself exercise and a new calorie balance to correct the problem. Yes, indeed, it’s about planning your day to fit in the right exercise whether it’s a mild walk or a run; and planning the right meals. However, the correction has to take place way upstream from this. It’s more about the mind. It’s about a powerful mind. It’s about a new level of mindful energy that circumvents the emotionally driven desire to eat. It’s about a brain that serves up will and drive to get up, get out and run, walk or ride your bike as part of a plan. It’s about generating the desire to get your exercise in for the day. It’s about a level of mentation that overrides the desire to eat high glycemic index processed food that stimulates serotonin secretions and creates a vicious addictive cycle. It’s about being mentally or cognitively stronger than your emotional impulse to eat crackers and cookies. Believe it or not those high glycemic index foods have biological effects at the neurological level. They also spike insulin to contribute to pro-inflammatory activity. All of this festering subclinical activity simply drives more disease including obesity. Correction starts with the mind. Improve the power of the mind and metabolic correction becomes a secondary easy consequence to achieve, including correction of obesity. Once we have persisted with the new level of mentation and the new discipline it generates the NEW habits will eventually become the ‘norm’. The will and drive eventually don’t have to be the primary drivers of your program. Your metabolism will eventually change to reflect your new choices; your neurosynaptic activity will also change and cry out for your new daily exercise and nourishment program. Your choices directly mold your metabolism. However, starting this process requires a jumpstart in the brain to elevate power beyond the emotional impulse to regress and retreat back to the old ways. The mind is easily thwarted by many of the emotional impulses we are vulnerable to. At OLTRE we have technologies in the queue, researched and developed by Biologic, our sister incubator company, that are pointed at supporting healthy blood sugar levels to limit extreme fluctuations; serum glucose fluctuations that trigger feeding responses. At *OLTRE Biomedical we also have agents made available to us by sister Biologic, that can be clinically studied in the context of elevating cognitive potential and mental energy and strength to instil better power of the mind, of will, of drive and discipline. Improved living starts with a plan but the plan must be adhered to by a strong mindful, well-disciplined mind. At Biologic KETOBHBA™ and GLYVIA™ are made available as over-the-counter (OTC) applications and the life-changing results have been tear-jerking. At OLTRE, our mission is to generate more potent variations of these (OTC NPN) versions for clinical evaluation as drugs that might be able to better and less intrusively improve blood sugar management and type II diabetes; support improved drive, willpower and cognitive performance including memory recall and more. Exciting times and exciting discoveries are leading to the opportunity for OLTRE to change lives with technologies that are idling with pharmacology that needs to be shared with the world.

*Biologic Pharmamedical Research is the parent company of OLTRE Biomedical Inc.


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