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Glucose versus Ketones versus KETOBA for cellular energy

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

by Franco Cavaleri BSc PhDc

Original post: September 11, 2017

Glucose versus Ketones versus KETOBA for cellular energy

Supplementation with exogenous ketones is skyrocketing to new levels. Nevertheless, the information about these supplements is getting more and more confusing with regulatory agencies trying to catch up to the messaging. KETOBA™ is designed based on the patent particulars owned by Biologic Nutrigenomics and the only exogenous ketone product currently approved by the CFIA’s Natural Health Product Directorate with an assigned NPN number approving its sales and safe use. KETOBA™ is not a typical exogenous ketone. It is much more.

KETOBA™ is an activated ketone; activated by the accompaniment of the beta-hydroxybutyrate (ketone body) by butyric acid. Butyric acid, a short chain fatty acid, is an activator of β-oxidation to stimulate ketogenesis. It does not induce the same gastrointestinal distress risks that medium chain triglycerides pose. Butyric acid supports glucose clearance to reduce competition by glucose in serum while facilitating ketone generation (ketogenesis) by the liver. These pharmacological characteristics form the basis of the ‘activated ketone’ description. Butyric acid also plays a central role in gastrointestinal health supporting an environment that voids pathogens and nurtures friendly gut bacteria.

The boiled down distinct difference between KETOBA™ and the typical ketone is very simply rendered down to KETOSIS versus KETOGENESIS. Butyric acid, the short chain fatty acid is the key! The Ketone will induce ketosis to increase serum ketones from an exogenous source. Nevertheless, one needs to burn through these calories before ‘burning’ endogenous fat calories for energy. KETOBA™ is primarily designed to INDUCE KETOGENESIS to get the body to generate ketones from endogenous fat sources; to help you utilise serum fat as an energy source. Best taken on an empty stomach before a fasting workout. Do not use if mental and body energy are not desired.

Conflict of Interest Statement. The author/researcher is the owner of a biomedical research group – Biologic Nutrigenomics Health Research Corp and Biologic Pharmamedical Research, that funds and executes research on the pharmacology of nutritional and nutraceutical agents that are studied in the context of disease pathology including characteristics that have been associated with inflammation and dementias. The author/researcher is also the owner of related Intellectual Properties. author copyright Franco Cavaleri PhDc

Franco Cavaleri, BSc, PhDc, is The Rhema Group’s Chief Science Officer. He is also the principal research scientist at Biologic Pharmamedical; is a former Mr. IFBB North America; and is completing a doctoral degree in Experimental Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine.


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