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Efficiency in life depends on joint health

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Original post: December 8, 2010

Efficiency in life depends on joint health

During times of high physical and even mental stress, demand for nutrition increases. Athletes are well aware of the need to increase carbohydrate intake to meet energy demands, supplement protein intake to support lean muscle and improve the quality of dietary fat intake for healthy regeneration of tissues.

The incremental need for this nutrition, however, includes far more than these macronutrient requirements. The metabolism and cellular processing of carbohydrate, protein and fat depends on micronutrient cofactors like vitamins and minerals, all of which need to be supplied sufficiently as well. And the more active we are the more macronutrients we need; therefore, the more vitamins and minerals we need. This principle of supplementation to meet lifestyle-created demand isn’t new to any of us.

Most of us supplement our diets in one form or another and to one degree or another in order to be able to keep up with a fast paced lifestyle. But too many of us limit this supplement support to conventional vitamins because that’s what everyone else does; to a protein drink per day because that’s what research is telling us supports the immune system and tissue recovery; to caffeinated carbohydrate energy drinks because that’s what we need to get us through the longer day.

Too many of us fail to support joint health before symptoms of joint disease prompt us to. Not only is joint health critical to the success of the athlete it’s absolutely essential to us all. Preventive nutrition that circumvents premature wear of the joints affords the athlete mobility to perform athletically at full capacity. At the other end of the spectrum it allows those of us who are simply competing in the human race to simply follow through with daily tasks.

Missed training due to joint insufficiency is a competitive athlete’s nightmare. Unfortunately most of us who have reasonably healthy joints take for granted the free mobility that joint health allows us daily. Each and every one of us is an athlete in our own world. Joint preservation is the key to survival for us all if we have any intention of competing successfully in the human race with significant life quality. Could you imagine doing the grocery shopping, walking the dog, chasing the kids, housecleaning, cutting the grass and grooming your yard while challenged by joint disease and pain that hinders your every move? Even mild knee arthritis makes getting in and out of your car an amazing pain in the …knee.

Efficiency in life depends on joint heath. If you’re not already using joint supplementation to treat joint degeneration or clinical arthritis, get on it now to prevent premature disease development. And if you lead an active lifestyle that includes daily running, resistance training or long walks that impose incremental wear, the urgency to get with the joint program is even greater.

Matching the right joint product to suit your lifestyle. Based on your lifestyle, diet and age you can select a tailored formula to treat your unique joint pain and stiffness with greater precision and much greater potency. Everything needed to help you overcome this inflammation inflammation and facilitate tissue regeneration and pain relief is built into your tailored formula JOINThealth or JOINThealth Plus with Antioxidants.

Just as many users of glucosamine and chondroitin products get relief as there are those who do not. And relief comes at a cost of scarfing down handfuls of expensive pills. In addition, glucosamine and chondroitin are often not tolerated well by those with digestive disorders and insufficiencies while the eggshell derivatives are. In three separate studies NEM proves to be the naturally logical alternative for healthy joints.

Membrell® JOINThealth® with NEM® is a natural joint supplement derived from eggshell membrane shown in multiple clinical trials to relieve pain in as little as 7 days in some patients and in as little as 30 days for most.

Typical glucosamine is chemically extracted from shellfish. This glucosamine is then often reacted to produce glucosamine sulfate or n-acetylglucosamine (NAG). The glucosamine from NEM® is not isolated or reacted but rather allowed to exist in its natural matrix containing NAG, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and other glycosaminoglycans, as well as collagen and other proteins essential for healthy joints.

This natural matrix is very similar in components and their proportions to the

membranes in human joints. As a result of the undisturbed eggshell matrix the body can absorb and use the beneficial elements more efficiently and therapeutic results are noticeable from much lower doses.

Recommended Use: Membrell® JOINThealth®

Use daily to support recovery from day-to-day wear and tear and reduce the risk for joint disease.

Use daily to treat symptoms of mild cases of osteoarthritis.

Membrell® JOINThealth® Plus Antioxidants More anti-inflammatory support for individuals over the age of 40 years. Use daily to support recovery from day-to-day wear and tear and reduce the risk for joint disease.

Use daily to treat symptoms advanced cases of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid .arthritis, and soft tissue inflammation.

Use daily to improve day-to-day recovery from hard physical work and protect joints from undue wear and tear in the face of rigorous exercise.


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