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Whey beyond athletes

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Whey is a prized supplement amongst strength, muscle and endurance athletes and rightfully so.

Original post: March 15, 2012

Whey beyond athletes

But the health benefits that whey protein offers go way beyond muscle and performance. As research on whey protein evolves and the underlying methods by which it delivers these performance benefits are unveiled its monumental value to overall health is made clearer. Whey protein supplementation should be part of the daily routine: for children, adults, seniors, athletes and for those who may not be that active.

It truly is an elixir of life.

Whey Protein is a powerful antioxidant.

Whey protein is rich in glutathione precursorsglutamyl cysteine dipeptide. This serves as one of the best sources of glutathione throughout the body pumping up immune cells, skeletal muscle, nerves and even thebrain. Pure glutathione supplementation itself doesn’t perform as well as whey protein when it comes to glutathione enhancement in the body. Our cells can absorb the smaller precursor dipeptides from whey faster than they can absorb the larger glutathione tripeptide suppement.

Why is healthy glutathione status valuable?

Whey beyond athletes

Glutathione saturation improves antioxidant status throughout the body, immune system performance and faster recovery from training. Glutathione improvement by whey supplementation is a less known underlying reason for the benefits that most of athletes experience from whey supplementation. But not all whey proteins have the biological value required to deliver this benefit.

Supporting glutathione status in the body improves immunity to keep you in the gym and participating in life despite the environmental exposure to toxins, microbial risk and stress load. The more active you are the more oxidation you generate in your body and the more protein you need. And if you’re training with above average intensity in the gym, you’ll need more than one serving of the right stuff to keep from falling flat.

Glutathione is a primary liver antioxidant.

Whey beyond athletes

Training or not, glutathione is a key detoxifier in the body. Glutathione peroxidise takes multiple forms andexists throughout the body but one thing remains consistent wherever it exists, it plays a central role in immune system defence and neutralization and immobilisation of toxins. Detoxification in the liver depends centrally on glutathione and falling one molecule short, results in limited defence and high risk for liver damage. Whey protein supports healthy liver glutathione status.

Did you know that a properly processed undenatured whey protein delivers anti-inflammatory activity?

Whey beyond athletes

The interesting paradox we all face when we workout to improve fitness and reduce the risk for disease is that the physical work generates oxidation. Research shows that uncontrolled oxidation in the body creates or contributes to inflammation. Interestingly, as we age this underlying (subclinical) inflammation tends to escalate and is one major factor that interferes with thermogenesis too. Thermogenesis is our inbuilt fat-burning furnace.

This subclinical inflammation is also responsible for that increased post-workout soreness and slower recovery from training that we experience as we age. In fact, if you`re still feeling sore two days after an intense workout, YOU NEEDMORE antioxidant nutrition and more high biological value protein than you’re currently taking. If you are taking one drink today and you’re still recovering too slow for comfort, increase to two servings per day. Get with the program!

Whey protein is an amazing nutrient for our children.

Whey beyond athletes

Our children need as much antioxidant protection and immune system efficiency as can be mustered. And whey fits the bill here too. Whey protein is loaded with glutamine, a crucial immune system and brain fuel and building block. The rate of development that our children experience is astonishing. And it depends on significant essential fatty acid and essential amino acid quality and quantity from the diet to build tissue growth at a rate that’s hard to imagine possible sometimes.

When it comes to amino acid supply, there’s no source better than a properly isolated whey protein. The alpha lactalbumin fraction in whey protein has an essential amino acid profile (in particular a branched chain amino acid profile) and microfraction profile similar (in some ways)to that of mother’s milk. Developing children and teens thrive successfully on the whey protein’s biological value and with an abundant supply one biological system doesn’t have to be robbed in order to accommodate the development of another.

‘Biological value’ is a tangible measure of the body’s ability to digest, absorb and use the dietary protein source to build tissue and other important body proteins. A higher number indicates a higher quality and better value to the body. Whey protein biological value ranges between 100 -159 depending on how it is processed.

Whey beyond athletes

Cold processed ultra filtered ‘sweet’ whey is the best quality and as long as it is nothydrolyzed or ‘denatured’ by electrical charge, pH alteration, enzymes or heat, a good quality over-the-counter whey isolate can rate as highas 130 BV. To put that in perspective, whole egg has a BV of 100, whole milk 90, chicken 78, beef 81, fish 82, egg white 90 and soy protein 75. Most legumes, like beans rate at 49.

Uncontrolled oxidation and inflammation also puts our children at a disadvantage in intramural sport and other physical activities at school. At this life stage these activities can otherwise form the basis for character and confidence building if their health and performance were supported to full capacity. Whey supports physical and mental performance for our children just as it does in adults to facilitate faster recovery and improve performance potential when they need all the confidence and mental and physical potential they can get.

Whey helps control appetite.

Whey beyond athletes

The high glycomacropeptide (GMP) content of a properly processed whey helps improve satiety or the feeling of fullness. Research has shown this fraction of the whey imparts many of whey’s touted benefits and some wheyextractions completely or partially eliminate it. In addition, the improved antioxidant status in the body and general anti-inflammatory support also helps preserve those fat-burning, thermogenic brown fat cells.

The incidence of obesity is skyrocketing today. We all know that. Sending your children out into the world with improved control over food selections due to enhanced state of mind and appetite setsthe stage for better life control. And supporting their metabolism with all the right tools helps them at multiple levels through difficult stages of life.

The list of whey benefits beyond those to athletes just goes on

Chelating agent: Glutathione and the sulphur content of the amino acids that make up whey peptides also help chelate and remove toxic metals in the body. The naturally occurring lactoferrin of whey also serves as a heavy metal chelating agent.

Dental health: Merging research is showing in both human and canine studies that lactoperoxidase from whey has an antimicrobial activity in the oral cavity to reduce microbe adherence associated with tartar and calculus build up.

Cardiovascular health: The GMP fraction of the whey protein plays a central role in cardiovascular health. Research shows that this fraction is largely responsible for the cholesterol benefits associate with whey.

Whey beyond athletes

Stress tolerance: Whey is rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAA) that help counter the tissue-degradation associated with elevated cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

Mental acuity: The BCAA load supplied by whey also regulates brain alertness by helping control neuron response to tryptohphan. Every parent wants to give their child as many tools as they can to perform their best at school. BCAA’s down regulate tryptophan availability to the brain to keep it in high gear just as they serve as energy sources for fatigued muscles to allow them to work through high workload.

Bone health: This delicate GMP fraction is shown to support calcium absorption to help combat osteoporosis anddental carries.

Intestinal health: The GMP component also plays a helpful role in gut friendly bacterial health supporting the deterrence of pathogens.

Whey beyond athletes

Some of BNHR philosophies and findings presented in book with 650 references

Properly processed undenatured whey protein for the whole family – a good way to give everyone the life advantage they deserve.

Some of BNHR philosophies and findings presented in book with 650 references


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