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Franco Cavaleri: A Health and Wellness Mogul's Expert Advice

Updated: Oct 16, 2023


(Nutritional Biochemist)

Original post: October 20, 2011

One Delicious Scoop a Day Keeps the Fat Away and the Doctor at Bay

He's a best-selling author, a UBC Biochem. and Nutritional Sciences graduate, prominent nutritional biochemist, a former IFBB Mr. North America Bodybuilding Champion and a CHFA Sports Nutrition Hall of Fame-er - and now the health and wellness mogul.

Franco Cavaleri, is dishing up a slice of his expert advice at the Health and Wellness Stage at the West Coast Women’s Show. Franco’s philosophy for maximizing health, performance, and personal potential is based on the belief that intelligent nutrition can be life-changing and metabolic correction the true treatment for disease. With two best selling books, multiple successful businesses – including Champion’s Choice Advanced Nutrition, and Biologic Nutritional Research Inc. – and frequent television guest appearances, it’s no surprise that Franco is one of the most highly sought after consultants and nutritional researchers on human and pet health issues related to immunity and inflammation across North America and overseas.


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