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Too much liver from your dog's treats can contribute to illness

Potential Within YOUR DOG’S HEALTH

Blended excerpts from Potential Within A Guide to Nutritional Empowerment

Authored by Franco Cavaleri ISBN 0-978-0-9731701-1-5

Original post: January 2, 2011

This article is composed of multiple excerpts to result in tone and content shifts and reference numbering that may be out of order.

Despite the need for meat, be aware that organ meats should not be the major portion of the food. In particular, be wary of feeding too much liver meat. The liver is the detoxifying site of any animal's body. Modern prolific use of chemicals in agriculture and the environment exposes all living things to chemicals and toxins in many direct and indirect ways.

These are dealt with by the liver and can become concentrated in the organs, particularly the live and other tissues of the animal used to make your dog's food.

Liver is a common flavoring and nourishing agent of foods treats and supplements, but it should not be fed to your dog daily.


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