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Size Does Matter Part II

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Although the title of our article is intended to snap your attention, it does factor into the subject matter quite well.

Original post: March 17, 2011

Size Does Matter Part II

Don’t fall victim to the HUGE list of window dressing ingredients that simply CANNOT be included in the formula at any functional dose. This is common in bodybuilding and weight loss supplements swaying young men and women with an impressive list of ingredients on the label.

Advanced bodybuilders, however, can be well informed. And they have to be to be able to wade through the sludge of marketeering sizzle to get to the real truth and functional products. A serious builder won’t want to waste time and money because he or she’s on a focussed mission. Man, if you’ve made it to any level of MASSIVE, by now you’ve already figured that one out. But I can’t see this being any different for anyone else.

Size Does Matter Part II

Who wants to throw away money, time and effort to be scammed by fast talking marketing driven company that spends so much on marketing the sizzle, they can’t afford to put in the meat and potatoes science to have a nutritional product do what they say it’s supposed to do. I don’t see the flashy bull promises more prolific as they are in the bodybuilding and fat loss categories.

If size doesn’t matter to you as a fat loss or mass building initiative then formula particulars will have to matter too. And a bigger longer list of ingredients isn’t always better. It only means that each ingredient is incorporated in smaller doses; which means they may not be delivered at levels that produce the pharmacological or biological result.

The most difficult factor to determine is molecular form and whether or not it falls in line with the scientific research. These details aren’t always easily conveyed on a label and sometimes, believe it or not, regulatory agencies don’t allow for these detailed descriptions on the label because they set the stage for ‘unapproved claims’. Ask the manufacturers for evidcne and formula rationale.

When it comes to nutrigenomics, the king of nutritional science you’ll be hearing more and more about, molecular weight or size and form. They play huge roles. Our cells are designed with highly specific receptors that are often encoded to receive highly specific molecular configurations.

Size Does Matter Part II

Nutrigenomics is the science of nutrients interacting with our genetic codes either directly or indirectly through hormones or biomudolators. Size and specific molecular configuration of the nutrient-based ingredient play crucial roles in the signalling. Continued article Part III click here


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