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Eggshell Membrane and Calcium: Daily Foundations for Joint and Bone Health

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

As seen in Healthy Living Magazine

Original post: December 25, 2010

Just one pill per day keeps the pain away

Most of us supplement with a ‘daily foundation’ supplement like a multivitamin, mineral complex, protein powder or essential fatty acid in order to be able to keep up with a fast paced lifestyle.

How does your ‘daily foundation’ support your joints?

Well, the fact is vitamin, mineral and fatty acid supplements do support connective tissue in an indirect small way but for most of us it’s just not enough. Glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and other glycosaminoglycan (GAG) building blocks should be consumed as part of that ‘daily foundation’ and for more reasons than just joint tissues.

GAGs are the structural foundation of connective tissue, the stuff that makes joints resilient to shock and wear. If we’re active in the gym or on a regular running program, the norm is to supplement with these ‘daily foundation’ supplements to make certain we’re recovering daily and ready for the next session. More physical activity also translates into more joint wear and tear. This means glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, methylsulfonylmethane and chondroitin are required in higher quantities.

Connective tissue is a core structural support tissue throughout the body. Your heart valves are made up of these same building blocks; the lining of blood vessels and the inner lining of the intestinal tract all depend on this connective tissue for integrity; the structural layer of the skin is built on this connective tissue foundation; and even bone depends on connective tissue for integrity. And then, of course, the more commonly known tendons, ligaments and cartilage rely on unlimited availability of these building blocks for healthy structure and function.

I am astounded at how easily consumers buy into the connective tissue building blocks that cosmetic companies sell as topical support. Many cosmetics incorporate hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, MSM, antioxidants and chondroitin and claim that these ingredients support ‘hydration’, ‘elasticity’ and ‘youthful glow’ of the skin. Despite the fact that these topical concepts are based on one aspect or another of science, applying these strategies from the outside in is limited if at all effective.

Supplementing these connective tissue building blocks from the inside out is the way to go and this is irrefutably supported by a plethora of research. So how CAN we get these connective tissue building blocks into us as part of this ‘daily foundation’ supplement program without having to scarf down handfuls of expensive pills.

The answer to this connective tissue riddle is in the chicken; or is it the egg!

The glucosamine from whole eggshell membrane is not isolated or reacted but rather allowed to exist in its natural matrix containing NAG, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, sulfur, chondroitin as well as collagen and other proteins essential for healthy connective tissue. As a result of supplementing with the undisturbed eggshell membrane, the body can absorb and use these elements more efficiently and therapeutic results are noticeable from much lower doses.

Just one pill per day keeps the pain away

Clinical research using doses of 500 mg per day of this very eggshell membrane powder demonstrates therapeutic results in just 10 days for most in the test group and as long as 30 days for more difficult cases.

Based on this research, it makes a lot of sense to use eggshell membrane for therapy to relieve joint pain and swelling and improve mobility and flexibility. It also further validates use of the precious supplement as a part of that ‘daily foundation’ program to prevent premature joint wear with one or two pills per day.

Joint health depends on bone health

There’s another important element that has to be considered in the context of joint health – bone health. In fact, connective tissue supports bone integrity. Taken daily, those connective tissue building blocks indirectly support bone integrity and that’s a good thing because your joints also depend on bone health for healthy structure and function. Tendons and ligaments anchor into bone. Cartilage is imbedded in bone. The joints hinge on bone in every possible sense.

Just one pill per day keeps the pain away

It makes sense to be adding a bone health component to that ‘daily foundation’ as well. Everyone knows that calcium is central to bone health but more is not better. Recent research is confirming what we’ve suspected for some time; supplemented calcium can also contribute to cardiovascular problems; namely clotting and blood vessel plaque disorders.

Egg delivers managed bone support

The key to properly managed bone calcium is in supplying synergy of ingredients and carefully planned dosing. The egg comes through once again to serve the daily foundation for bone health. Eggshell calcium is a 100% natural highly bioavailable concentrated source of calcium that comes with a natural transporter matrix to support absorption.

Just one pill per day keeps the pain away

Egg shell provides relevant levels of other trace minerals necessary for bone health including magnesium, zinc, strontium, boron and copper. Research has shown that strontium enhances bone mineralization by activating osteoblasts (bone building worker cells) and inhibiting bone resorption (destruction) by osteoclasts. These naturally occurring elements lend the whole eggshell an ‘ACTIVE’ bone building status instead of it being the typical passive supply of bone minerals.

Eggs are manufactured in the ‘greenest’ of clean factories.

Another extremely important feature that makes eggshell the source of choice is its ‘clean’ status. Nature protects the egg through naturally built in ‘placental’ filters; shielding the egg from heavy metals and other environmental toxins that typically concentrate up in other body tissues and marine sourced ingredients.

Not only is the eggshell a concentrated source of therapy for bones and joints and an important part of that ‘daily foundation’ for health maintenance, it’s a much cleaner source of these benefits than typical glucosamine sources. And it only takes a few pills per day to get research-proven results.


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