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As COVID rages on despite the apparent vaccine successes there is one important thing we need to all keep in mind and in process: immune health. Survival upon infection is based on immune health. Variants of the virus were inevitable and more are sure to come. Maintaining general and immune health is key. This means tuning mind to override stress; this means nourishing yourself to optimize biological health and immune response; this means taking immune supportive nutraceuticals to have your immune system poised for accurate action. It’s no surprise that the variants have manifested and they will continue to manifest and override previously established immunity. Your action plan: get outside and stay active to support immune function; wear a mask; eat healthy to stay metabolically fit; meditate to keep the mind resilient to stress and active in recovery; and take immune support supplements. A variety of the BioBDMC (the same tech in B-Immune) technology is approved for a clinical trial to investigate further its therapeutic action against COVID disease. Reports and published research so far are pointing in the right direction.


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