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Whey of Life

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

There’s no doubt that whey protein plays an important role in fitness and sports nutrition but the reason it works so well for athletes makes it a prized supplement for every family member.

Original post: May 25, 2011

Whey of Life

Just one serving per day for each family member will have them running the ‘human race’ with a huge advantage. And the reasons go way beyond the biological value, glutamine-richness and immune system support.

Whey Protein is a powerful antioxidant. Whey is a rich supply of quality precursors (glutamyl cysteine dipeptide) for theglutathione antioxidant void of unnecessary fat and carbohydrate calories. In fact, roperly extracted whey serves as a better source of glutathione for the cells than even glutathione supplementation itself, since the body can absorb the smaller precursor faster than it can absorb the larger glutathione tripeptide.

Why is healthy glutathione status valuable? Our hustling and bustling lifestyle takes an oxidative toll on glutathione stores and with this decline we become more vulnerable to the ever escalating threat of microbes and environmental toxins. Glutathione is one agent that our liver utilizes to neutralize toxins and all of us, from our children to our senior parents, cannot afford to be one molecule short.

Whey of Life

Our children are exposed to just as much mental and physical rigor as we adults are, if not more from school, sport and basic peer pressure / stress. Supporting glutathione status in the body improves immunity to keep us all in the game at school, at work, and in life despite the environmental exposure to toxins, despite the microbial risk through contact and despite the stress load. Your children are on that frontline with you battling the same human race at a different stage of life. A daily whey protein drink gives them the antioxidant edge they need.

Whey of Life

Did you know that a properly processed undenatured whey protein delivers anti-inflammatory activity? Research shows that uncontrolled oxidation in the body creates more inflammation. Whey helps control oxidation and through this means provides spontaneous control over inflammation. In fact, it is one of the basic methods by which whey supplementation improves recovery rate from physical work and reduces post-workout soreness.

Whey empowers us with spontaneous blood pressure control. Subclinical inflammation; the festering that we cannot feel, silently chips away at our cells, blood vessels and brain to age us prematurely. Elevating glutathione status through daily whey supplementation helps snuff out this inflammatory festering and research is showing that it is also a key factor that lowers blood pressure in many of us that battle hypertension.

Whey helps control appetite. The high glycomacropeptide (GMP) content of a properly processed whey helps improve satiety or the feeling of fullness. Research has shown this fraction of the whey imparts many of whey’s touted benefits and some whey extractions completely or partially eliminate it. The incidence of obesity is skyrocketing today; we all know that. Sending your children out into the world with improved control over food selections due to enhanced state of mind and appetite sets the stage for better life control.

Whey of Life

The list of whey benefits beyond those to athletes just goes on. Glutathione and the sulphur content of the amino acids that make up whey peptides also help chelate and remove toxic metals in the body.

But that’s not all!

Whey of Life

Research into the benefits of whey go even way beyond the immune and antioxidant support to include positive effects on dental health, mental acuity, bone health and intestinal health.

Properly processed undenatured whey protein for the whole family

– one serving each day is a good way to give everyone the life advantage they deserve.


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