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Vanadyl Sulfate supports insulin Safely - Anti-Diabetec Miracle - Part 3

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Blended excerpts from Potential Within A Guide to Nutritional Empowerment

Authored by Franco Cavaleri ISBN 0-9731701-0-7

Original post: February 1, 2011

This article is composed of multiple excerpts to result in tone and content shifts and reference numbering that may be out of order.


I employed this corrective or metabolic reset strategy to prepare for bodybuilding shows as far back as 1988, reaching leaner measures than most, if not all, participants I competed against. The other easily apparent use is the maintenance of insulin efficiency for anti-aging purposes, therapy for insulin-related diseases, and athletic-performance enhancement.

I start with 5 mg of vanadyl sulphate (VS) two times per day or 10 mg at a time, each dose with a meal. After a few days, I increase to 10 mg two times daily—again, each dose with a meal—and go from there. The goal is to get to 30 mg at least three times per day. Body weights exceeding 200 lbs will need as much as 50 mg three times per day.

Vanadyl Sulfate supports insulin Safely - Anti-Diabetec Miracle - Part 3

When you enter the carb depletion phase before a bodybuilding competition you won’t have to go to low while on VS; you can be the judge of how low you go on that carbohydrate depletion. BUT one thing for sure, the carbohydrate loading phase starting four days before the show, will cause an intense reload that’s bigger and better than you have ever had.

Using this VS trick I could hold off on ultimate carb loading by trickling carbs in until weigh in day – Friday morning. I’d get weighed in at the top end of the middle weight class limit but load with enough carb to weigh in more than 15 pounds heavier the next evening. Carb shuttling to the muscle mass is extremely fast and efficient with this intensified insulin efficiency. This allows for that last minute burst of carb loading. A carb load phase that could take two days without VS will take nine to twelve hours to complete while on VS.

Vanadyl Sulfate supports insulin Safely - Anti-Diabetec Miracle - Part 3

And with every molecule of carbohydrate infused intramuscularly, water is pulled in as well taking extracellular water into the muscle mass to do two important things: 1) fill the muscle belly up bigger than ever with glycogen 2) take water away from under the skin to leave behind a shredded look.

The more carbs I consumed to load glycogen, the more water I consumed to accompany the glycogen load and with this system the water just gets shuttled into the muscle to fill it further. Add a potassium load to the nutritional program (while eliminating ALL traces of sodium) at the three day mark before the show to further shuttle water intramuscularly and WOW! The transformation is hard to believe – you’ll change by the hour!

When you stand on stage ten to twenty pounds heavier than any competitor could be in your weight class, while being one of the shortest, the difference between you and the rest is HUGE. I presented as the biggest and the leanest pretty much every time using this as part of my winning formula.

If you’re not at the edge of a weight class and can allow yourself a complete carb loading on this system; you’ll get so thick, lean and ripped that you might even put on 20 pounds from carb depletion to load. The change in thickness and tightness is actually noticeable by the hour on the last day before competition. And the removal of edemic water using this principle is monumental! Try it offseason a few times to get your personal timing right.

In order for insulinogenic optimization to be significant with VS you have to be on doses that exceed 60 mg per day (body weight150 lbs or less) split up over three daily doses. Bodyweights over 150l bs will need a 100 mg per day split over three to four doses. Bodyweights exceeding 225 pounds will require 130 mg minimum per day split over four doses (150 mg per day is recommended). Taken with meals to reduce incidence of stomach upset.

Vanadyl Sulfate supports insulin Safely - Anti-Diabetec Miracle - Part 3

It can take as long as 20 days of consistent VS use to ramp up insulin efficiency to maximum potential. Timing is crucial. Make certain you start a cycle one month or more prior to competition day to allow for maximum results. Preferable to cycle its use one month on and one month off alternating in the fashion while leading to a bodybuilding show for the whole year prior to game day! This long term alternating use will help get you even more shredded than you would have without its use. Read the other VS articles on this website to gain more information on synergistic antioxidants that help maintain VS in its reduced state for maximum activity. Links provided below.

This VS strategy will enhance the potential of any supplement program you might be using for show prep.

Why the focus on insulin efficiency:

Vanadyl Sulfate supports insulin Safely - Anti-Diabetec Miracle - Part 3

Insulin resistance can result in metabolic havoc beyond poor energy management. Insulin optimization makes certain that metabolism is functioning at full capacity. Insulin optimization enhances absorption of nutrition. It also maximizes cellular uptake of peptides for faster recovery. Insulin plays a central role in anabolic activity beyond basic recovery of glycogen and myofibril repair. Insulin plays a major role in mass building.

Insulin efficiency improves management of prostaglandin hormones responsible for reducing that post workout soreness, improving antioxidant status and even reducing injury risk and severity.

Insulin efficiency facilitates sparing of glycogen during exercise to improve stamina and long term performance. It also preserves that full thick glycogen-rich muscle mass that keeps the pump size on while ripping away the unwanted fat.

Glycogen synthetase is an enzyme responsible for converting circulating carbohydrates into glycogen for glycogen resaturation after the workout. Insulin efficiency helps keep this enzyme active to shuttle dietary carbs to muscles for glycogen regeneration as opposed to allowing carb conversion to triglycerides and then adipose fat storage.

Thermogenesis depends on and is regulated by so many biological factors including insulin efficiency. Unless all of these are addressed at the same time the fat-busting affects of the brown adipose thermogenic fat cell is quickly snuffed out. You might be able to successfully activate thermogenesis to turn fat calories into heat, but the same forces that prevented efficient thermogenesis before the activation will quickly put the fire out again getting you into that yo-yo weight fluctuation and rebounding.

Vanadyl Sulfate supports insulin Safely - Anti-Diabetec Miracle - Part 3

Research shows irrefutably that the nitric oxide PUMP is intimately linked to insulin activity. In fact, insulin manages nitric oxide in the cells and even mild cases of insulin insufficiency can change the way nitric oxide works elevating it in joints where you don’t want it to increase and decreasing it in other cells like blood vessel walls and muscle cells where you’d prefer it to flood

VS has to be the most powerful yet basic natural anabolic I have used . Try it combined with creatine. This BASIC combo will blow your socks off!!!

Now let’s dive into the subject of fats—the core of our program…………


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