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Vanadyl Sulfate supports insulin Safely - Anti-Diabetec Miracle - Part 2

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Blended excerpts from Potential Within A Guide to Nutritional Empowerment

Authored by Franco Cavaleri ISBN 0-9731701-0-7

Original post: February 1, 2011

This article is composed of multiple excerpts to result in tone and content shifts and reference numbering that may be out of order.

Part II Correcting insulin resistance / type II diabetes

Vanadyl sulfate (VS) can be administered when initiating Ageless Performance. But first a physician must be consulted and then a legitimate health inspection- certified version of VS has to be obtained. Approved VS, like all multi-vitamin and mineral formulations, has a drug identification number (DIN) assigned to it by a government health-inspection agency.

Vanadyl Sulfate supports insulin Safely - Anti-Diabetec Miracle - Part 2

Start with 10 mg of VS taken with one meal of the day. VS is absorbed more efficiently when ingested on an empty stomach. However, it’s tolerated better when taken with food. Since VS can induce gastrointestinal upset when consumed in larger doses in some individuals, it’s advisable to begin administering it with meals for a few weeks before trying it on an empty stomach.

Increase the dosage to 10 mg with two separate meals for a daily total of 20 mg after a few days to one week. In the second week move to 30 mg per day—10 mg at a time taken with three separate meals. After another week or so, move the single dose up to 20 mg with each meal for a daily total of 60 mg. At any time VS can be taken on an empty stomach if the body will tolerate it. Refer to the administration table on page 408.

On week four of the therapy reach as high as 30 mg three times daily and persist for about a week with this 90 mg dose, then reduce the amount during the following week, staying on the regimen for 10 to 12 weeks. Practitioners have reported using as much as 150 mg of VS per day with tremendous success and only mild gastrointestinal distress as a side effect—a minor complaint compared to being afflicted by diabetes. This gastrointestinal distress isn’t much different from the side effects the common diabetic drug, metformin, can cause.

Vanadyl Sulfate supports insulin Safely - Anti-Diabetec Miracle - Part 2

Oddly VS is approved for over-the-counter sales in the United States just as other mineral supplements or multi-vitamin formulations are, but not in Canada. This is another example of Health Canada’s sluggish response to essential nutraceuticals that can change the lives of millions with less than 50 cents per day and with only a two- or three-month therapy period as opposed to long-term dependence on expensive patented drugs. Almost three million people suffer from diagnosed diabetes in Canada, while in the United States the numbers are already in excess of 17 million. In both countries these statistics are climbing, and many more people struggle with the affliction but have never been diagnosed.

The supplementation of VS is an optional component of Ageless

Performance and mustn’t be substituted for medications such as metformin. It can, however, be administered in conjunction with metformin to enhance results. VS works through chemistry that’s independent of metformin’s facilitating cellular correction. Nevertheless, only when recovery is well under way can compensatory drugs like metformin be eliminated and only, again, with a health-care professional’s approval and monitoring.

VS doesn’t have to be used indefinitely. Its ability to stimulate transcription and membrane incorporation of glucose-transport sites in mice has been shown to correct the Type II diabetic state. These studies were referenced in previous chapters. After VS’s use is terminated, the healed state persists in most cases. Human studies haven’t revealed this retained activity scientifically yet—studies are still under way. But the anecdotal evidence suggests that the restoration of healthy insulin activity does continue similarly in humans. Scientific studies have demonstrated conclusively that VS does, however, improve insulin function and reverse diabetes while being administered and it does so safely.

All of this documentation is referenced thoroughly in previous chapters. In any event, VS can be employed as an occasional reset of insulin function. The short restorative period of VS use helps to maintain insulin efficiency and is an active step toward the prevention of diabetes and other associated diseases. I use VS once every eight to 12 months for four to eight weeks at a time to ensure maximum insulin performance. Be cautioned, though: individuals who have experienced allergic reactions to sulfa-type antibacterial drugs have been known to experience reactivity to VS.

Vanadyl Sulfate supports insulin Safely - Anti-Diabetec Miracle - Part 2

VS can help in the treatment of both Type I and II diabetes as can the Ageless Performance program as a whole. However, it’s Type II (adultonset) diabetes that can be completely reversed by this fabulous program. Of course, the specifications of the condition will dictate the level of recovery and the duration of the recovered state between cycles of VS. Additionally dietary habits will influence the integrity of the newly developed functional state. Poor habits result in rapid degradation and the necessity for VS or other drug intervention sooner rather than later between cycles and may promote the need for ongoing use of pharmaceutical or nutraceutical drugs. Type I diabetes, though, isn’t likely to be reversed by Ageless Performance.

Rectifying a diabetic condition requires a lot of work. Label descriptions of foods and supplements have to be carefully scanned for ingredients that might have high glycemic indexes. Common high-glycemic-index carbohydrate additions to supplements that must be avoided if insulin resistance or diabetes is a problem are: glucose, dextrose, and maltodextrin; rice syrup solids; corn, potato, and rice starches; and extreme glycerine loads, maltose, and sucrose. Glycerine, a common sweetener and food additive, is a healthier factor than glucose if one must choose. Foods must be as close as possible to their whole and fresh states such as stone-ground rather than finely ground wheat. Bread made with whole, not finely ground, grains should be the first choice, and common additions to breads such as sugar, syrups, molasses, or unnecessary starches must be avoided.

Juicing of fruits and vegetables is also not a good idea while combating a progressive state of insulin resistance. Sugar from the natural fiber matrix of the food is released by juicing, allowing for faster delivery to circulating blood, which means a higher glycemic index for the same sugar that was once bound by natural fibers. Juicing is a great way to get a concentrated load of antioxidant and other nutrients, but it’s better tolerated if insulin activity is supported in the body by a program such as Ageless Performance.

Vanadyl Sulfate supports insulin Safely - Anti-Diabetec Miracle - Part 2

Sedentary folk on this anti-diabetic program require a protein intake of about 0.60 g per pound of body weight each day, which is measured as a sedentary therapeutic protein content (PC) or co-factor of 0.60 (0.60 g of protein x 170 pounds = 102 g of protein per day per pound of body weight).


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