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Sunscreen in oral supplement form

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

The most effective sunscreen we can apply for our human- and fur-children comes in the form of orally supplemented antioxidants.

Original post: December 31, 2010

Sunscreen in oral supplement form

The rise in skin and other cancers amongst our human and pet populations is a function of environmental changes wedded to the unfortunate decline in antioxidant activity in our processed foods. Summer is as good a time as any to make certain that antioxidant protection is at its fullest.

The ‘antioxidant’ is an essential component of our inbuilt immunity, detoxification and health preservation systems. And this internal antioxidant activity depends on multiple antioxidants each with specific roles to weave a blanket of protection that is literally woven stitch by stitch into our dermal layers.

Research shows that common antioxidants such as grape seed extract, help protect connective tissues including the skin from UV damage. Current studies are pinpointing and demonstrating that selenium, vitamins A, C, E and alpha lipoic acid can improve tolerance to UV exposure. In fact, in one study researchers were able to actually generate a value of PS 4 for an orally administered test formula containing vitamins A and caratenoids alone.

In addition to immediate protection from UV damage these antioxidants have also been shown to reduce the rate of skin cancer development if UV damage should occur. Fish oils are currently also being investigated for their protective role against UV exposure and the results are positive.

If sun exposure is a cancer risk the logical solution is avoidance and topical screen protection but it also makes sense to beef up internal antioxidant saturation to protect from the inside out. When it comes to our pets, sunscreen is usually not the best fit and it can’t survive the rain, pools and dips in the lake by our children either. Orally supplied antioxidants serve as powerful underlying insurance. Your pet will be served well all year round by BioVITES and BioFATS providing the comprehensive vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, fatty acid and other tools the body needs to weave a fortified first line of defense .


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