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State of Mind Matters

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Whether we are on the right paths or not, the courses we take are the ones we’ve chosen. If we’re not satisfied with the state of physical or mental health we find ourselves in, it’s up to us to change direction. Altering our personal paths can be as easy as breaking away from the same routes we venture on day in and day out to and from our jobs. However, breaking away from the automation that we have become complacent about and staying on the new path requires a strong mind that vibrates with will and drive.

State of Mind Matters

Change starts with a decision to make a different choice; but staying with the new path requires powerful will and determination by a healthy mind. Mind-building is just like bodybuilding; a program must be applied and repeated to challenge the status quo and force the brain to meet the challenge. A healthy mindset isn’t something that just happens. Some of us have to work harder than others to build it and maintain this positive state. Exercise and diet are crucial in the maintenance of a healthy determined mindset, and so is meditation, curiosity, learning new skills and challenging the mind with complex problems to solve.

Mind health and cognitive potential is critical to overall health and personal potential at levels deeper than we may first think. Studies have shown that cardiovascular health is significantly affected by mental state, and depression amplifies the danger to the heart. Cardiovascular patients are at greater risk of mortality if a depressed condition persists through the recovery period. Your brain’s health and how it generates thought and perception is central to everything you deem healthy.

At Biologic Pharmamedical Research, OLTRE'S sister incubator company, we study the pharmacology of natural constituents of plants in the context of disease pathology and mechanisms that help preserve cell function and vigor. This includes the methods by which our cells, including neurons of the brain, generate protective endogenous antioxidants like superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione. These protective peptides are manufactured to protect the inner environment of the bustling cell; and compromises caused by toxicity, injury or even biological aging can cause exponential down-spirals to morbidity.

Our research into specific constituents of ashwagandha and curcumin, for example, has shown how cells can be better protected from environmental oxidative assault. We have defined the mechanisms by which isolated withanolides and curcuminoids activate these cell preservation systems and induce cell protection in the face of oxidative toxins we are regularly exposed to. The objective is to justify a basis for a new level of standardisation and the new knowledge needed to produce safe but potent and pointed naturally derived drugs derived that can be studied further by OLTRE Biomedical in a clinical setting.

The mind is a powerful tool that we each MUST take precautions to protect, preserve and enhance. The mind drives everything we do and fail to do. Your negative mindset will drive you to failure. A strong vigorous mind will drive you to victory. Your personal power comes from an empowered mind and not at all from anything outside your being. Successful athletes learn to use this powerful tool to accomplish what others fail to see possible in themselves. Whether they know it or not, the athlete sets a new level of vibration and tuning for the mind in order to achieve high levels of performance. A seasoned businessperson crafts a plan of action with market studies, costs, revenue projections, profits, and a clearly defined method of execution. In order to achieve a personal or professional goal it has to be seen clearly by a potent mind and a plan needs to be implemented with conviction. Visualization puts the goal in sight and keeps it there. A compromised mind will not see the end result. If you cannot see or fathom it, it will not manifest.

We are in the process, at OLTRE, of setting in motion life changing solutions. Join us on our quest to empower people with the tools they need to empower communities. Our first project is to validate our lead technology in the context of respiratory disease and COVID-19. This technology is also showing historical value in the context of brain health and preservation of cognitive potential as well. One step at a time, one technology at a time, one person at a time we will change human potential and existence.


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