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Revolutionizing Canine Health: Nutrient-Based Innovations in Pet Medication

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Reformulation trial with canine subjects using alternate biological carriers, masking agents and new active nutrient-based pharmacologics. Proposed new carriers and active constituents for BiologicVET based on recent nutrigenomic (nutrient-gene) research.

Clinical Research Division Biologic Nutrigenomic Health Research Corp.

688-2397 King George Hwy, BC V4A 7E9

Research/Trial Director: Prof Franco Cavaleri BSc NB

Original post: September 9, 2010

Revolutionizing Canine Health: Nutrient-Based Innovations in Pet Medication


Objective: Use of yet another base delivery material that is accepted by the FDA and the consumer as safe, MSG –free, and in compliance with claims. Additional to INACTIVE base change: after applying the FDA and AAFCO required ACTIVE formulation. Our goal will be to produce a formula with a small but efficient base carrier to reduce serving size while maximizing efficacy.

Challenge 1: Even minor changes in the ingredient profile will create monumental alterations in palatability in canines that may not be apparent by human taste and olfaction. Palatability after the changes could be a challenge…..

Our challenges with palatability of nutrient-based canine and feline therapeutics have been ongoing since the inception of our program in 2004. Although we have been reasonably successful in the past to create products that facilitated compliance we are still challenged by the limitations due to dose or serving size. We will be revisiting this process to test some new theories.

We have come across two potentially effective mediums that could serve our needs either on their own or as a hybrid of the two to meet our needs. This involves:

1) a potentially low cost but still nutritive powdered carrier system and….


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