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Processed dog foods are fortified but they still need to be supplemented

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Blended excerpts from various sections of

Potential Within YOUR DOG’S HEALTH

Authored by Franco Cavaleri ISBN 0-978-0-9731701-1-5

Original post: December 10, 2010

This article is composed of multiple excerpts to result in

tone and content shifts and reference numbering that may be out of order.

Processed dog foods are fortified but they still need to be supplemented

There is no question that dried and canned foods are convenient to use, however, weigh that convenience against the possibility of the growing health problems (and vet bills) that often result from inadequate nutrition. This possibility will become more likely as your dog ages. Younger dogs can tolerate nutrient insufficiency better than older dogs can for reasons that will be outlined in the pages to come.

Your budget or your lifestyle may mean that you need to use these heavily processed pet foods some of the time, but don’t make them your dog’s only source of nourishment. Seriously consider adding dietary support in the form of multivitamin, multi-mineral, and antioxidant and phytoantioxidant supplements to counter the effects of processed foods.

Improvement in your dog’s health and energy levels after adding a supplement to their meals can be immediate. This is because processed food can be so nutrient-damaged that slight changes in the dog’s diet can make profound health improvements. Better nutrient availability can empower your dog’s body to do its job, which is to restore and maintain health

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