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Potential Within: Your Dog's Health

Updated: Oct 16, 2023


By Nutritional Biochemist FRANCO CAVALERI, BSc NB

Original post: July 23, 2010

Potential Within: Your Dog's Health

Today more than ever, pets are a welcome and important part of our families. They are vital to human well being, and their own well being is in human hands. How can we love, guide, care for, shelter and nourish our dogs in a way that will be meaningful for their health and quality of life?

Some of BNHR research and findings presented in heavily referenced book

Potential Within: Your Dog’s Health, A Natural Guide to Health, Happiness & Harmony For Your Canine Companion

(Biologic Publishing, 2009), the newest book from nutritional biochemist Franco Cavaleri, offers a unique and actionable perspective. Focusing on the pivotal role that nutrition plays in every aspect of canine health, Your Dog’s Health makes it clear that feeding and nourishing are two different things. Learn how nutrients interact with your pet’s genetic makeup, and how proper nutrition can positively impact the immune system, cognitive and emotional stability, energy, and more. With the programs presented in this book, positive results can be seen in just days. Even more remarkable though is the prospect of happier, healthier senior years for your dog.

While centered on nutrition, the book offers a holistic approach and a wealth of knowledge on all things canine that both new and experienced dog owners alike will appreciate. Chapters include:

A Dog in the Family! Getting to know your new pet, making your home pet safe, establishing who’s in charge, understanding your dog’s body language, choosing a vet. Good Nutrition for a Healthy Dog: Learning what makes a good quality pet food, the role of protein and the necessity of dietary fats; how to assess processed pet food; how to feed an optimal raw food diet, nutrition for every life stage, and hydration. -more-Page 2/Potential Within: Your Dog’s Health

From Good Nutrition to Biologic Nutrition: Why supplementation is key to optimal health; the BiologicVET approach; the right supplementation for dogs of different ages Physical Activity: Essential for Vitality: The benefits of physical activity, play vs. work, safe places to play, training for competitive sport, and key nutrients for an active lifestyle Combating Common Canine Health Problems: Strategies for relieving, preventing and in some cases even curing allergies, joint disease, obesity and diabetes, pain, inflammation and stiffness, and premature aging. Ways to improve the immune system, skin and coat, teeth and gums, bone density, strength and muscle, performance and energy, and digestive health.

Franco Cavaleri, BSc., a prominent nutritional biochemist, is also the author of the best-selling Potential Within: A Guide To Nutritional Empowerment. He is a sought after consultant and speaker on human and pet health issues, and the creator of BiologicVET Nutritional Supplements for Dogs and Cats (

Potential Within: Your Dog’s Health, A Natural Guide to Health, Happiness & Harmony For Your Canine Companion can be purchased at For further information, please contact Megan Brown, or (323)650-2201.


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