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Nutritional foundation for health, fitness and longevity for our pets

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Original post: November 24, 2010

Money and time saved feeding dry or canned nutrition is sure to be spent in multiples on medical care as your pet ages. Oxidized food and the deactivated nourishment it supplies reduce longevity and life quality. This becomes more apparent with age because as our cells age; and as the cell’s of our pets age, internal production of antioxidants declines. As a result, the aging body is less capable of tolerating processed food which itself carries an additional oxidative load.

Nutritional foundation for health, fitness and longevity for our pets

The uncontrolled inflammation from this damaged food chemistry erodes cells and tissues prematurely – untimely biological aging – and in those latter years it ensues unchallenged. By improving antioxidant and fatty acid status in the cells, this inflammatory activity is better controlled; premature aging is circumvented; and quality of life preserved in those senior years. Nourishment is the factor we can have complete control over.

Aging is not a function of time. It is simply a function of biological wear and tear and attributed to a lack of timely repair of this wear. Uncontrolled inflammation accelerates that wear and tear by preventing the natural restorative processes from doing their wonderful work in your young vigorous pet. Age is a physical state influenced by state of mind, genetic predisposition, lifestyle, environment and nutrition.

Uncontrolled oxidation also promotes the production of eicosanoid hormones which accelerate tumerogeneisis, cancer and general tissue degeneration. Illnesses as common as arthritis can be accelerated by oxidation. Oxidation can be mitigated by antioxidant nutrition. If we better control oxidation in the body and allow the natural (genetically coded) maintenance systems to work according to design; to restore cells, receptor sites and tissues as they become damaged, then the body will be on top of the restorative process in a timely fashion to keep up with the needed repair. This translates into improved biological age despite chronological time.

The only way we can accomplish this formidable feat is through ensuring diet is sound and lifestyle is healthy. Supplementation with a balanced and biologically active fatty acid product can help attain this inflammatory control and improved state of health. Concurrent supplementation with the vitamins and minerals that are essential cofactors the cells need to process these fats internally helps guide the fats down the right cellular paths. A supplemental supply of phytoantioxidants further improves the cell’s ability to use and preserve these fatty acids in their active forms.

Nutritional foundation for health, fitness and longevity for our pets

Individually these different categories of nutrition can improve state of health when supplemented but they really deliver a formidable impact when they are supplemented together since they depend on each other for maximum biological activity. Take control of your pet’s health and quality of life. Supplement each meal with a species-specific fatty acid blend that includes more than just fish derived fatty acids. This fatty acid supplement must include the essential seed oil supplied together with cold water fish oil.

Finally, to ensure all the nutrient tools are abundantly available for the cells to use this properly balanced fatty acid supplement, add a vitamin, mineral and phytoantioxidant accompaniment. Individually these categories of nutrition can improve health but the key to maximum results and optimum health is complete nutrition – fatty acid supplementation accompanied by vitamin, mineral and phytoantioxidant supplementation of each meal.

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