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Mind Over Covid

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

With the persisting alteration of thought and emotion we have to begin to appreciate and address the impact that the emotional changes will have on health and disease....

Mind Over Covid

The pandemic has had a profound impact on so many levels of human existence that life will not be the same ever again. The dramatic alteration on how we work, think and interact generates a very different state of being; a different way of thinking; and therefore, a different level of chemistry that rises out of this thought to generate a consequential emotional state. This chemistry we might refer topically to as anxiety, unrest or uncertainty can and will shape a lasting way we think and feel. That which we feel as ‘emotion’ or ‘stress’ affects us physiologically as in immune system, cardiovascular and neurologic modulation. The pandemic is far from over. Experts believe we will still be dealing with the current pandemic in 2024 and even 2025 by way of direct variants. Nevertheless, we expect microbes to mutate and be transmitted more frequently than ever because of the way human life and expansion has evolved. As much as we expect and extension of the current pandemic, we also expect more of the same with new infectious organisms. With the persisting alteration of thought and emotion we have to begin to appreciate and address the impact that the emotional changes will have on health and disease. Furthermore, we need to begin to address how this additive concern compounds the immediate risks of infection which will cycle back upon us in one way or another. Managing mindset proactively is an important way to circumvent perspectives that can be deleterious to mental health, subsequently preserving overall health. Blocking the physical impact from a mind that can be strained with adversity is difficult. It requires cognitive strength and stamina and many of us will need help staying in that healthy state of mind. This will become one of the most important perspective shifts we will NEED to adopt as a human race as population density persists and even grows and the health of the planet and our ability to harvest nourishment and other resources from the unhealthy planet becomes more and more thwarted. While we, at OLTRE Biomedical , move forward to execute our clinical trials designed to demonstrate Cavaltinib™ effectiveness as a treatment for high risk COVID-19 patients, we have also set out to generate pointed technologies that can address the need for mechanisms by which we can cope with the stress and anxiety that stems from the monumental life shift we have experienced. We have been successful on this mental health front and are poised to meet this demand as well. This opportunity will follow our Cavaltinib™ clinical initiative.

“The medicine of the future will be delivered by medical practitioners whose curriculum will have included the study of naturopathic, allopathic, and nutrigenomic sciences with equal attention. Treatment of disease will involve the use of the least invasive therapy followed by more biologically intrusive therapies or treatments only if required and only after all others have been exhausted. Although our conventional allopathic medicine has been driven by this directive to limit biological invasion in the course of treatment, it has yet to fully embrace the naturopathic and nutrigenomic tools to fully execute based on this crucial philosophy." FRANCO CAVALERI

*Biologic Pharmamedical Research is the parent company of OLTRE Biomedical Inc.


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