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JOINT and Bone Health must be tailored to meet your unique metabolism, as seen in Vista

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Original post: December 28, 2010

As much as we’re all biologically similar we are molded by very different environmental, dietary, and age-related influences. You are unique. Your joint pain is unique too; from the type of injury or degeneration to the influence that your lifestyle has on the joint. Your lifestyle molds your metabolism and in turn, your metabolism influences how inflammation develops and is managed in the body.

JOINT and Bone Health must be tailored to meet your unique metabolism, as seen in Vista

This underlying influence plays a huge role in why one person can gain pain relief from a remarkable joint supplement like JOINThealth in just days while another person might take a few weeks and another, again, may take a month to get the same results.

This general inflammation is called subclinical inflammation and poor diet, lack of sleep, and toxic lifestyle contribute to it as it slowly increases with age. In large part, the advancement of this underlying inflammation is due to an age-related decline in internal antioxidant production. That’s right; as we age, our cells slow down the production of those protective antioxidants. Antioxidants, oxidation and inflammation are intimately connected. If the right antioxidants are supplemented daily to offset this internal decline in antioxidant status, the body can better manage this inflammation resulting in faster relief from joint pain and stiffness and a lower risk for other diseases.

JOINT and Bone Health must be tailored to meet your unique metabolism, as seen in Vista

The pursuit to address this inflammatory chemistry has led to an amazingly effective source of relief that’s always been at our fingertips. Eggs. That’s right, eggs! The membrane of the egg is saturated with important nutrients that when properly extracted provide us with a formidably potent anti-inflammatory activity that’s got scientists around the world in enthusiastic amazement. That egg is cracked up to be a lot more than we once new. On the other hand, the glucosamine we see in joint-related supplements is typically chemically extracted from shellfish and then reacted to change the nature of these substances, how they are absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and even how well they are transported in the body.

The glucosamine from NEM®,, an extract from egg shell membrane, is not isolated or reacted but rather allowed to exist in its natural egg membrane matrix containing NAG, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and other glycosaminoglycans, as well as collagen and other proteins essential for healthy joints. This undisturbed eggshell membrane matrix mimics the makeup of human tissue so the body gets all the support building blocks in what appears to be biologically relevant proportions to make for more efficient results. Special transporter proteins (amino acids) are also left intact to support the activity. And validation for this new standard of joint support is supported by more than what people are saying. Clinical research justifies the treatment. .

JOINT and Bone Health must be tailored to meet your unique metabolism, as seen in Vista

In three separate studies NEM proves to be the naturally logical alternative for healthy joints. In an open-label clinical test, one-third of patients using just ONE pill per day of the eggshell membrane preparation (Membrell® JOINThealth® with NEM®) noticed a reduction in pain within 7 days. A clear majority of the patients experienced a significant reduction in pain within 30 days. Those who take as long as 30 days may require the inflammatory-busting activity added in JOINThealth Plus Antioxidants. Just one pill per day while with typical glucosamine supplements of yesteryear, handfuls of pills daily were needed to get reasonable results.

JOINT and Bone Health must be tailored to meet your unique metabolism, as seen in Vista

In another study published in Clinical Interventions in Aging, NEM® was shown to be beneficial for osteoarthritis: “55% of subjects experienced greater than 50% improvement in flexibility and 36% reported they were completely pain-free while flexing the affected joint.” A new double-blind placebo-controlled study published in Clinical Rheumatology found that NEM® can provide joint health benefits in just 10 days. One pill per day for results in just ten days!

To address that age- and lifestyle-related inflammatory fog JOINThealth Plus Antioxidants provides the patented NEM® (Natural Eggshell Membrane). However, this advanced formulation also supplies a unique combination of potent antioxidant ingredients – pine bark extract and grape seed extract combined with anti-inflammatory herbs turmeric and boswellia to help break through that subclinical inflammatory fog and allow the benefits of NEM®’ to make their way undisturbed to the joints where they can deliver relief. .With a small daily dosage of only 2 vegetarian capsules per day, JOINThealth Plus Antioxidants, delivers relief for those requiring that extra anti-inflammatory support.


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