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GLYVIA™, a NATURAL carbohydrate-neutral alternative sweetener supports insulinogenic activity

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

WHY NOT? The question we should ask ourselves more often than we ask ‘WHY’ is ‘WHY NOT?’ Original post: October 1, 2018

WHY NOT venture beyond convention; beyond the rules or standards or boundaries that are set by other human beings with the same human limitations you have. WHY NOT explore uninhibited human potential to discover what lies outside common perception. Fear not peer judgement; fear not ridicule; fear not failure! Just keep aiming with intellect-guided intuition at ‘WHAT COULD BE’, ‘WHAT SHOULD BE’ and ‘WHAT MUST BE’. BIOLOGIC Pharmamedical has been on a proven track record of repeated discovery because ‘WHY NOT’ has helped guide us to discover what others have been fearful of being judged by. GLYVIA™ is a NATURAL carbohydrate-neutral alternative sweetener that also supports blood sugar management with similar pharmacology to the common anti-diabetic drug, Glyburide. Avoid carbs; improve sugar clearance.

Ask us ( how you can leverage our newest discovery – FUNCTIONAL ALTERNATIVE NATURAL SWEETENER with claims- to build your brand to the next level with the latest research to support human health; with what is expected to be one of the most profound ways.

“With the ever growing frequency and morbidity associated with insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity in North America a natural alternative sweetening agent like GLYVIA™ presents itself as a powerful therapeutic and preventive tool that fits right into food and beverage formulations to be consumed with the same habitual pattern of the very foods that contribute to the epidemic problem. Added to coffee, tea or other beverages and foods daily provides for additional impetus each day to correct serum sugar status and metabolic health. The pharmacology combined with the carbohydrate-neutrality of the natural sweetener provides for a potent compounding mechanism that Capture FChelps sugar-addicted consumers break the cycle and regain control mentally, metabolically and/or physically. This powerful tool will certainly play a significant role in human health in the years to come because it tastes amazing and it works reliably.” F. Cavaleri

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