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Enhance Your Pet's Quality of Life

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Original post: July 23, 2010

Enhance Your Pet's Quality of Life

You want your pet to have the best quality of life possible. The money and time that are saved by feeding them convenient, less expensive food are sure to be spent several times over on veterinary bills and medical care. As your pet ages, the antioxidant production in their cells declines, making it more difficult for them to tolerate adversity, and this includes their ability to tolerate poor nutrition and illness. The obvious solution to prevent their suffering is to choose the best quality nourishment possible from puppyhood. This means food that has not been processed or that at least preserves the most nutrient activity. Even this is not enough health insurance for your senior pet, however.

Based on what research has discovered, the age-related ailments in your senior are not likely age-related. All diseases are characterized by an underlying inflammation. This inflammation can be advanced and even prevented by dietary factors, primarily fatty acids and antioxidants. Processed, oxidized foods contribute to this underlying inflammation to reduce your pet’s ability to tolerate disease. It also advances your pet’s biological age.

Processed food contributes to that underlying inflammation in two ways. One way is the results caused by damaged omega fatty acids in foods which are easily oxidized by processing. In their whole forms, these delicate molecules can help manage inflammation. In their damaged state, they contribute to uncontrolled oxidation (a negative reaction caused by oxygen) and inflammation. The other way processed foods contribute to inflammation is through the deficiency of active antioxidants which are destroyed during the processing. Biologically active antioxidants from whole fresh food would otherwise help to reduce oxidation and inflammation. These natural protectors and cell preservers are unavailable to cells if your pet eats processed food. The uncontrolled inflammation that ripples out to the periphery of the animal’s body because of this damaged food chemistry erodes tissues through its wave-like action. By increasing antioxidants and fatty acids in the cells, the inflammation is better controlled, and premature aging is prevented.

This is accomplished rather effortlessly through changes in diet, improved fatty acid intake and with vitamin, mineral and antioxidant supplements. Improvements in energy, recovery from daily physical exercise, skin condition, coat lustre and thickness, general strength and endurance, vigour and happiness occur quickly when these are added to the diet. These visible improvements are indications of much deeper metabolic improvement.

Aging is not a function of time. It is simply a function of biological wear and tear. Uncontrolled inflammation accelerates that wear and tear by preventing the natural restorative processes from doing their wonderful work in your pet. The result is that your pet ages before his or her time. Our pets’ cells are equipped with maintenance systems which can become sluggish with age, just like our own can. Oxidation and inflammation both interfere with natural regeneration and maintenance if they are out of balance.

Enhance your pet's quality of life and ensure that they get proper nutrition. This science is thoroughly discussed in my new book Potential within Your Dog’s Health: A Natural Guide to Health, Happiness and Harmony for Your Canine Companion (ISBN: 978-0-9731701-1-5).

Enhance Your Pet's Quality of Life

Some of BNHR research and findings presented in heavily referenced book

Giving your pet high quality food and supplementing with a balanced and biologically active fatty acid product will help improve their health. At the same time, supplement with the vitamins and minerals which are essential co- factors (helpers) that the cells need to process and guide these fatty acids. Phytonutrients and antioxidants further improve the cell’s ability to use these fatty acids in your pet’s body.

Enhance Your Pet's Quality of Life

These different categories of nutrition can improve state of health when supplemented individually, but they really deliver a formidable impact when they are supplemented together.


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