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Don’t leave children one molecule short of their full potential! "Wheying" in on protein and fats!

If you want your child to reach their full potential, consider supplementing their diet with whey protein and conditionally essential fats, specifically DHA and EPA. Whey protein can help support their recovery, performance, and overall development, especially if they are active or in a developmental stage where protein demand is higher. Consuming whey protein before bedtime can also optimize growth and development, including muscle hypertrophy.

Supplementing with DHA and EPA can support maximal brain development and cognitive potential. These special fats are critical for healthy brain development and can also inhibit the growth of malignant cells while supporting the growth and health of functionally vigorous cells. It is important to note that our bodies don't always manufacture these fats efficiently, so supplementation may be necessary to meet cellular demand.

Research shows that supplementing with these nutrients during pregnancy and infancy can have long-lasting benefits for brain development and cognitive function. If you are concerned about dietary shortages or compromised metabolic activity, consider incorporating whey protein and conditionally essential fats into your child's diet to help them reach their full potential. Don't let them miss out on even one molecule of their full potential!

Supplementation with Whey Protein and Conditionally Essential Fats, DHA and EPA, for optimal development of mind and body. More on the science...

Whey during the day and immediately before bedtime supports recovery, performance and development. Research shows that incremental protein intake throughout the day may support better lean body mass generation, immune response, and general recovery from day to day. This is especially so for active (athletes) who are also in developmental stages where protein demand is further escalated (additive) by the compounding states. Furthermore, it is noted that during rest recovery of tissues and general metabolic chemistry restoration.

In the elderly, where digestion can be compromised due to gastrointestinal pH anomalies, protein deficiency can occur even with sufficient protein intake. Highly bioavailable dietary protein sources that result in immediate NET serum amino acid levels of essential and conditionally essential amino acids needed for complete protein synthesis are show n to support better recovery and gains from training. This includes the strategy of consuming a high alpha lactalbumin whey protein source before bed, mixed in water and void of carbohydrate sources as the last thing done immediately before bed rest. Research shows this to enhance IGF-1 and GH secretions which in turn optimise growth and development including muscle hypertrophy. Conditionally essential fatty acid supplementation (DHA, EPA) supports development and cognitive performance. Docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid are not essential fats since our cells are supposed to manufacture them from the essentials, ALA and LA. However, the metabolism and the diet don’t always come through as expected.

Supplementation with DHA and EPA to support cellular demand is shown to support maximal brain development and cognitive potential and this supplementation is best started during pregnancy and infant feeding based on studies showing low breast milk status of these essentials and their metabolic by-product.

Furthermore, supplementation with these special fats is also shown to inhibit growth of malignant cells while supporting the growth and health of functionally vigorous cells. In addition, it is proposed based on the literature that neuropsychiatric disorders can be influenced by the status of these fats in the brain.

Since these fats are critical for healthy brain development it is proposed that they are saved for brain development, a primary objective, before peripheral body development ensues if scarcity should exist by way of dietary short supply or compromised metabolic activity.

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