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Daily supplementation is crucial for long term health

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Original post: September 15, 2010

Daily supplementation of the best food we can choose is fast becoming recognized as the best way to preserve health and prevent premature aging.

Research shows irrefutably that a diet saturated with live antioxidants supports maximum immunity and reduces the rate of tissue wear and tear. The very strategy of anti-aging revolves around the science of nutrient efficiency – nutrient density of the diet coupled with calorie limitation. The only way to effectively achieve this biological efficiency of diet is to choose the best quality foods we can feed and supplement them with nutrients we know will be live from meal to meal. The same strategy we might choose to maintain maximum health of the human family members works to support our companion pet’s health.

Daily supplementation is crucial for long term health

These antioxidant and other nutrients empower the body to detoxify and protect itself against toxins that might make their way into your pet’s body through food, drink and environmental contact. Food manufacturers are adding back many of these essential nutrients to make certain the crucial ones are in the feed. Deficiencies result in compromised physical development, emotional instability, cognitive deficits and limited life potential. All of these essential nutrients must be supplied abundantly throughout life and are most critically needed in the early stages such as foetal development and puppyhood. They are also important dietary factors in senior years keeping your pet vibrant and full of energy so they can keep up with your healthy lifestyle.

Raising nutrient density of the diet empowers the genetic systems built into all of our pets to maintain health and support vigor and zest. We have been told by pet food manufacturers with good intentions that everything our precious pet needs is accounted for in the feed. However, this nutrition is not guaranteed to be live when you feed it. It`s true that most pet foods are fortified with an array of essential nutrients but it`s also irrefutable that the extreme processing methods used to produce these foods create irreversible damage to the added nutrients and the food`s inherent nutrition.

Daily supplementation is crucial for long term health

The nutrients may be detailed on the label of your pet`s favourite food but your pet`s body may not be able to extract and use them leaving his cells gasping for essential nutrition and vulnerable to premature aging and illness. Think about it logically; how healthy would you be if each of your meals came out of a cereal box for the rest of your life. Manufacturers of commercial breakfast cereals claim that their foods are complete nourishment too. However, processing compromises the nutrition. And whatever nutrients make it past processing, must then survive shelf storage in a bag. The longer it sits on the shelf, the more these nutrients are degraded and the nutrient oxidation continues at an accelerated rate once we open the bag and begin feeding our pets. Each time we open and reach in to collect the meal, more nutrients are oxidized.

Supplementing your pet’s food daily with nutrients that have not been subjected to the rigors of processing makes for good health insurance. This supplement should

be specially formulated for your dog`s unique digestive system which is very different from yours. Powdered forms of these nutritional supplements prove to be more effective in the gastrointestinal tract of the dog than tablet or wafers that require added binders. Ensure that these supplements also include a potent array of digestive enzymes.

Daily supplementation is crucial for long term health

You may feed a high quality meal that presents a convincing guaranteed analysis, butit’s your responsibility to make certain these nutrients are reaching your pet’s cells in a form they can use to build healthy cells, repair worn cartilage and connective tissue, and maintain vitality well into their senior years. Senior health starts with good nutrition that’s fed early life and all the through to those golden years.


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