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Curcumin BDM30 the highest ORAC value we have ever studied and the endogenous antioxidant support

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Cellular protection from the outside-in; and the inside-out.

Original post: December 15, 2017

Curcumin BDM30 the highest ORAC value we have ever studied and the endogenous antioxidant support

Curcumin BDM30™ is a research-supported, patented technology delivering an exceptionally high concentration – 30% – of bisdemethoxycurcumin (BDMC). It is designed to help manage inflammation, joint pain and discomfort, and support recovery from day-to-day workouts or injuries.

Over and above the new standard of anti-inflammatory activity this recent discovery presents a dual phase antioxidant defense program: antioxidant protection from the outside –in (exogenous) and antioxidant protection from the inside-out (endogenous).

As we’ve seen, Curcumin BDM30™ exhibits a profound antioxidant potential never seen before on the planet jumping the ORAC value to an unprecedented 1,130,000 mM/TE per 600 mg Curcumin BDM30™ (125X more than regular curcumin). To put this in perspective, regular curcumin extract ( 95% ) delivers an ORAC value of 9000 mM/TE per 600 mg.

Adding to the outstanding outside-in antioxidant activity, curcumin III (BDMC) is shown to activate endogenous or internal antioxidant defence systems that protect organelles of the cell by inducing Nrf2 activity. The Curcumin BDM30™ activity on Nrf2 delivers its inside-out protection of DNA, mitochondria, membranes and other intracellular life essentials by activating or inducing Nrf2.

What is Nrf2?

Nrf2 is a regulator (transcription factor) of the endogenous antioxidant defense systems built into our cells – Catalase (CAT), Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), Glutathione peroxidase enzymes (GPx) and others like Hemoxygenase-1. Nrf2 induction or overexpression is shown to heighten cellular defense mechanisms during metabolic stress and convey neuroprotection during toxin-induced stress to the point of reduced lesion development. This cellular protection is also seen in the context of chemotherapy where concurrent Nrf2 induction protects healthy cells. Nrf2 induction is shown to convey critical defense against elevated serum-glucose-induced oxidative injury to cardiac muscle cells. The widespread existence of Nrf2 and its role in cellular protection as a master regulator of antioxidant defense makes it a viable target for upregulation against toxicity in most organs and tissues of the body. Curcumin BDM30™ delivers protection and recovery support for every cell of the body! Protection and recovery from extreme workouts; extreme environmental conditions; and unexpected metabolic stress.

Curcumin BDM30 the highest ORAC value we have ever studied and the endogenous antioxidant support

Hemoxygenase-1 expression, regulated and transcribed by Nrf2, plays an important role in the antioxidant defense mechanism alongside other common endogenous antioxidants to support recovery from injury, toxicity and hypoxia (oxygen deprivation). Ischemia is a common cause of cell dysfunction and death due to interruption of blood flow or oxygen availability to tissues. It’s known to be central to the pathology of stroke and one of the more common causes of permanent cell and tissue damage in heart disease. Hemeoxygenase-1 induction is highly correlated with protection from ischemia in neurons and heart tissue. Overexpression of glutathione peroxidase is also associated with resistance to myocardial ischemic reperfusion injury.

Curcumin BDM30 the highest ORAC value we have ever studied and the endogenous antioxidant support

Caution: Before changing any therapy to complement or replace existing allopathic or other treatment contact your prescribing practitioner to share information and get direction.

Conflict of Interest Statement. The author/researcher is the owner of a biomedical research group – Biologic Nutrigenomics Health Research Corp and Biologic Pharmamedical Research, that funds and executes research on the pharmacology of nutritional and nutraceutical agents that are studied in the context of disease pathology including characteristics that have been associated with inflammation and dementias. The research on these findings continues at clinical levels to further investigate the full indication-specific potential of this discovery. The author/researcher is also the owner of related Intellectual Properties. author copyright Franco Cavaleri PhDc

Franco Cavaleri, BSc, PhDc, is The Rhema Group’s Chief Science Officer. He is also the principal research scientist at Biologic Pharmamedical; is a former Mr. IFBB North America; and is completing a doctoral degree in Experimental Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine.

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