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Christina Weizmann: Marketing Communications Team Lead

Introducing Christina Weizmann, the visionary Marketing Communications Team Lead at Biologic Pharmamedical, where her prowess in digital marketing merges seamlessly with the core values and innovative vision of the organization.

Christina Weizmann, BA
Christina Weizmann, BA

With a career spanning over two decades, Christina has championed leaders in large corporations across South Africa and Canada, amassing a wealth of experience that fuels her dynamic approach. In 2002, she embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, founding her own digital marketing agency to empower entrepreneurs and small business owners.

As the Creative Director of Pivotal Concepts Communication Studio, Christina's impact is palpable. Working directly with numerous clients, she navigates the intricate landscape of values and objectives, expertly crafting transformative marketing strategies and powerful brands that resonate in the online sphere. Her prowess extends beyond the digital realm – for six years, she skillfully managed marketing and sales for a family diamond wholesale company in Vancouver while nurturing her own family.

In today's dynamic digital landscape, Christina thrives as a strategic architect, orchestrating transformational digital strategies that amplify brands and drive sales. Her true passion emerges in her alignment with socially conscious entrepreneurs who endeavour to make a positive impact on lives, communities, and the environment.

Christina's influence extends beyond her role at Biologic Pharmamedical. She chairs the Blanket BC Society and stands as a dedicated communications lead for various non-profit organizations, harnessing her skills to catalyze change.

Beyond her professional feats, Christina's spirit resonates with her commitment to health, longevity, and holistic well-being. As a mother and animal rights activist, her passion extends to the realms of alternative medicine, the welfare of animals, and the global environment. Through her digital marketing and communications expertise, she aspires to aid thought-leaders and disruptors in crafting legacies that leave a positive imprint and pave the way for a healthier planet for generations to come.

In Christina, the Marketing Communications Team Lead role flourishes with a dynamic leader, a strategic visionary, and a beacon of positive change, aligning seamlessly with the forward-thinking ethos of Biologic Pharmamedical.

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