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Biologic's Expanded Mission

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Biologic's Expanded Mission

I was asked today to deliver a message conveying BIOLOGIC’s expanded mission. Here is MY CORE MISSION AND THAT OF BIOLOGIC’s. …

And it is driven (SINCERELY) by me because it saved and changed my life decades ago with hopes today I can do the same for people in need of life- or just thriving- support.

BIOLOGIC Pharmamedical Research is a research organization with a primary mission to validate natural product technologies and advance standardization to more reliable formats. This sets the stage for industry credibility and product reliability for consumers with new science we discover and publish … laying the understanding for the mechanics and standardization format that people and prescribers can rely on. This is BIOLOGIC’s primary mission.

In order to achieve our mission milestones we need to reach out to and partner with leading industry brands to find effective channels through which we can reach consumers with the reinvented, newly reliable, consistent health products to serve them and then this consumer satisfaction helps forge credibility for BIOLOGIC, the brand carrying our technology and the industry overall.

This consumer approval for new science established using approved pharmaceutical drug protocols also provides the basis for mainstream medicine to be able to appreciate and trust these natural health technologies which have been studied using pharmaceutical drug research protocols that they too are familiar with and trust. It helps elevate natural health products to natural medicine that is reliable. ALL The funds we generate for product licensing go back into researching the next natural technology to gain knowledge needed to develop it too into the new next level reliable format.

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