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Beating Arthritis

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Blended excerpts from Potential Within A Guide to Nutritional Empowerment

Authored by Franco Cavaleri ISBN 0-9731701-0-7

Original post: September 11, 2010

This article is composed of multiple excerpts to result in tone and content shifts and reference numbering that may be out of order.

Taking Back Control

Beating Arthritis

There are many factors within our control that we can take charge of to minimize and even eliminate symptoms of arthritis. Every case is different The one thing common amongst them all is the biochemistry, that over time snips away at the connective tissue and induces pain.

Reducing body fat if over-fatness is part of the equation Larger volumes of fat in the adipocyte will propagate the production and secretion of resistin, which interacts in the body with tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and either directly or indirectly with insulin (1, 2). TNF and insulin are implicated in common diseases that are inflammatory in nature— rheumatoid- and osteo-arthritis, for example. This means an unhealthy fat mass can interrupt the natural communication systems of the body through the hormones it secretes. The fat mass is an organ that must be maintained in functional form in order for general biological health to be optimal.

Arthritis refers to as many as 100 different diseases affecting the area in or around the body’s joints. The Arthritis National Research Foundation reports that ―over 43

million Americans, or one in every seven, has arthritis.‖ That’s about 14% of all Americans! Can diet ameliorate an arthritic state? It certainly can.

Arthritis is crippling our young; it’s no longer a disease of the elderly. Studies detailed

in ensuing chapters demonstrate that the poor nutritional status of the body plays an

immense role in the development of this disease. Obviously if the body is supplied with

all the building blocks it requires for the reconstruction of tissues, the degree of degeneration might not reach levels of disease so early in life. We all have the ability

to control diet – no excuse there. Low glycemic index diets improve inflammatory


Athletes and Exercise

The degradation of tissue develops at an even faster rate in the extraordinarily active

athlete. The consequence of a more concentrated free-radical pool can be arthritis and

other degenerative injuries that arise more expeditiously in the athlete. Studies are now

confirming that this includes brain damage. However, exercise is not harmful unless it is

excessive enough to cause overtraining degeneration. Overtraining degeneration, though, is a function of two things – nutrient status of the body versus depletion due to physical work.

Exercise is one of the most powerful cures for even arthritis. Moderation wedded to healthy diet results in a potent positive outcome. Exercise induces the secretion of painkilling neuro-hormones called endorphins. Once you get over the first few weeks of stiffness, most arthritic states are significantly improved by physical work.

Even rheumatoid arthritis, a disease known to be autoimmune in nature, can be relieved

with sound nutraceutical strategies and light physical work. Resorting to pharmaceutical

strategies exclusively rarely addresses the biochemical cause of the symptom or disease.

On the other hand, the application of a precise nutraceutical strategy can induce a positive, gene-directed regulation of the chemistry responsible for the inflammatory process. Proper diet, healthy vigorous exercise and the addition of gene-specific nutrient supplementation can resolve most cases of arthritis in only a few weeks. Severe cases may take a few months for significant improvement.

In fact, rheumatoid arthritis might be instigated by excessive gut permeability which

can be improved through diet. Gastrointestinal health is critical for recovery from

arthritis and other autoimmune disorders. Osteoarthritis, although a much different

disease than rheumatoid arthritis, can also be improved with a nutritional corrective


Most pharmaceutical drugs used to treat these conditions are analgesics (painkillers),

anti-inflammatories that merely provide symptomatic relief from swelling, pain, and

inflammation. But that’s not enough. The cause of disease, whether physical wear and

tear or biochemical assault, will continue to snip away at your connective tissue. These

same factors will also chop away at your lifeline if they’re not addressed. The chemical

damage of cartilage tissues is truly indicative of the status of the entire body, shedding

light on the biochemical festering that inevitably manifests as other disorders.

Nutraceuticals must be used as alternatives or complements to drug therapy.

Nutraceuticals can provide relief from inflammation and usually without the common

side effects that pharmaceutical drugs deliver. However, singular nutraceuticals are

rarely effective. The right combinations in the right doses produce powerful results.

Prevention, however, furnishes maintenance – the best cure.

Concerning osteoarthritis, the important cells involved are chondrocytes. Activation of

the chondrocyte is critical to long-term recovery from the wear on cartilage tissue. As

already mentioned, chondrocytes actually utilize building blocks, such as those supplied

in typical glucosamine supplements, to synthesize proteoglycans and collagen. Supplying the building blocks without first resuscitating these cartilage-producing cells will result in less than maximum results from a basic glucosamine-supplement strategy. SAMe, for example, is a resuscitator of burnt-out chondrocytes. There are studies that compare this nutraceutical to pharmaceutical remedies, proving that the natural alternative is as good, if not better, than anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen and piroxicam.

The great thing about these advanced nutraceutical strategies is that they’re able to help

regenerate new tissue and provide an analgesic and anti-inflammatory result without the gut-busting side effects pharmaceuticals can deliver. SAMe induces regeneration by down-regulating nitric-oxide levels in the chondrocyte. This literally frees the genes from the inhibitory effect of nitric-oxide allowing them to utilize glucosamine for collagen synthesis. Taking joint nutrients requires a highly precise strategy to produce potency but this precision produces incredible relief and without side-effects. The only secondary effects of these alternatives are positive antioxidant protection throughout the body including the cardiovascular system. The great thing is that most of these strategies you’re about to see can also be used with pharmaceuticals as complements to allow for a reduction in the required drugs and a lower risk for the associated side-effects.


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