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Whey protein for healthy mind, body and life!

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

As seen in Beyond Fitness Magazine

Original post: January 3, 2011

Whey protein has become a tremendous category in the natural health industry and the reasons exceed way beyond muscle and athletic performance. Whey protein supplies a bounty of immune system fuels and building blocks in a delivery form that is easy to digest and utilize for metabolism. Whey protein is a critical component of therapeutic and preventive nutrition but not all whey protein sources are the same. Different sources of protein provide formidably different metabolic influences some of which factor intimately into fat management and lean muscle anabolism. Protein is not protein.

Whey protein for healthy mind, body and life!

The protein source that scores highest time and time again, when it comes to health and performance value, is whey. Whey protein supplies precious amino acid building blocks to support maintenance of the entire body but the property of whey protein that is not so commonly discussed is its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory value. One of the most effective ways to escalate glutathione peroxidase levels in the body is through whey protein supplementation. Glutathione is a formidable antioxidant involved throughout the body in detoxification and neutralization of oxidation and toxins, including poisons. The liver and immune system rely immensely on this specialized antioxidant. This antioxidant support is central to the method in which whey protein empowers the immune system and helps preserve biological age.

Whey protein for healthy mind, body and life!

The interesting paradox we all face when we workout to improve fitness and reduce the risk for disease is that the actual physical work produces oxidation. The body is supposed to neutralize this oxidation to eliminate the risk of uncontrolled oxidation. We are all faced with multiple sources of oxidation all of which can add up to overwhelm our immune and other restorative and maintenance systems. In addition, the more calories we consume the more likely it is that free radicals (oxidation) are produced as a by-product of the food calorie processing by our cells. Supplementing your daily food intake with whey provides the quality building blocks for lean muscle and the precious glutathione antioxidant in a form that is void of unnecessary fat and carbohydrate calories.

Whey protein for healthy mind, body and life!

Health is a choice. It`s ultimately a function of all your small choices combined to make a big impact on your life. Choose to consume high quality whey each day to make certain that health promoting amino acid and protein macrofraction profiles support lean tissue maintenance and antioxidant health. Combine this with the polyunsaturated fatty acid (marine oils and / or flaxseed oil) supplement in gel capsule or liquid form to help neutralize inflammation, support brain and cardiovascular health, and facilitate transport of the needed protein.

Whey protein for healthy mind, body and life!

We’ve all heard of the polyunsaturated omega-fats like DHA, EPA and those from seed oils. These beneficial fats also support good health and they’re a perfect adjunct to the protein supplement. These specialized fatty acids and the protein form what are called micelles (fat and protein complexes) in the gut and blood when consumed together to facilitate transport of the protein and fat. Choose to use these fats daily with your protein supplement.

You’re in charge; choose health. Choose a diet that fits with your lifestyle and goal. Isn`t health everyone`s primary goal? Choose to take one to two whey shakes supplemented with polyunsaturated fat each day between your food meals which can now consist of smaller portions. If more nutrition is absolutely required after an 8:00 pm food curfew, choose to consume another deliciously flavoured whey protein drink mixed in water.

This strategy will set the foundation for spontaneous health and fitness.

What will you notice when you make the right choices?

Whey protein for healthy mind, body and life!

IMPROVED immunity; appetite control; lean body and fat mass; state of mind, energy and emotional health; and life perspective.

What are you waiting for; start right now and choose health!


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