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WHEY Performance beyond just building muscle!

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

AS SEEN In Muscular Development Magazine

Original post: March 23, 2011

A refreshed perspective on why whey protein supplementation delivers health and performance benefits demonstrates how more is better.

Whey Protein is a powerful antioxidant.

WHEY Performance beyond just building muscle!

Whey protein is rich in glutathione precursors – glutamyl cysteine dipeptide. This serves as one of the best sources of glutathione throughout the body pumping up immune cells and even the brain while helping beef up the lean tissues of the body. Pure glutathione supplementation itself isn’t as good as whey for glutathione enhancement since the cells of the body can absorb the smaller precursor dipeptides from whey faster than they can absorb the larger glutathione tripeptide.

Why is healthy glutathione status valuable?

Glutathione saturation improves antioxidant status, immune system performance and faster recovery from training. Glutathione improvement by whey supplementation is the less known underlying reason for the benefits that most of us experience from whey supplementation. But not all whey proteins have the biological value required to deliver this benefit.

Supporting glutathione status in the body improves immunity to keep you in the gym and participating in life despite the environmental exposure to toxins, microbial risk and stress load. The more active you are the more oxidation you generate in your body and the more protein you need. And if you’re training with above average intensity in the gym, you’ll need more than one serving of the right stuff to keep from falling flat.

Did you know that a properly processed undenatured whey protein delivers anti-inflammatory activity?

WHEY Performance beyond just building muscle!

The interesting paradox we all face when we workout to improve fitness and reduce the risk for disease is that the physical work generates oxidation. Research shows that uncontrolled oxidation in the body creates or contributes to inflammation. Interestingly, as we age this underlying (subclinical) inflammation tends to escalate and is one major factor that interferes with thermogenesis. This subclinical inflammation is also responsible for that increased post-workout soreness and slower recovery from training as we age.

Eliminating as many unnecessary sources of oxidation improves general health. It also improves your ability to recovery from training faster and build more muscle. Improving glutathione status empowers the body with better spontaneous control over that underlying inflammation and pain, swelling and stiffness that may be associated with it.

WHEY Performance beyond just building muscle!

The heavier the training the more vulnerable we become to that inflammatory activity. Building muscle mass and even just maintaining hard earned muscle is a balancing act between maximum workload and rate of recovery. Whey tips the scale in your favour by providing the tools to manage that inflammatory activity despite your age.

That soreness we experience the day or two after hard training is not at all a function of lactic acid. Lactic acid is responsible for that immediate burn when you push your reps to anaerobic extremes. However, the less immediate soreness felt the next day or two is a function of oxidation and inflammation induced by the broken down muscle fibres and free radical accumulation.

In fact, if you`re still feeling sore two days after intense training, YOU NEEDMORE antioxidant nutrition and more high biological value protein than you’re currently taking. If you are taking one drink today, increase to two servings per day. And if you don’t supplement diligently with whey, you’re simply not taking your training seriously. Get with the program!

The faster this oxidation and inflammation are neutralized the faster you start rebuilding broken down muscle fibres into bigger and stronger lean mass. This is the fundamental rule of strength and lean muscle gain that most of us lose track of because we become too entwined with what we’re doing in the gym to stimulate and pump up muscle. Advancement in performance and physique conditioning take place in-between the training sessions. So what you do out of the gym plays as much, if not a larger role, than what you do in the gym.

You can use post-workout soreness intensity as an informal gage to evaluate whether an extra drink of whey each day is helping you get where you want to go with your goals. If the extra drink each day helps you recover faster, this simple change will make a huge difference in the rate of gain or conditioning. In fact, when we look at the underlying method by which many supplements work to enhance performance and muscle mass potential, they are serving as antioxidants; some with highly specific roles.

Beta alanine is one such ‘designer’ supplement to recently hit the podium; and beta alanine simply works its wonders by elevating muscle carnosine status. Carnosine is a powerful antioxidant that helps neutralize exercise induced free radical load (oxidation) and with its supplementation recovery is faster; functional pH of the intensely working muscle is better maintained; glycogen is less likely to be oxidized and post-workout muscle soreness is then lower in intensity and duration.

This means less oxidative damage of muscle, lower inflammatory response to training, better muscle pump and faster recovery. However, whey protein works its wonders in a similar fashion through glutathione elevation while also delivering the building blocks for lean muscle regeneration. Together beta alanine and whey will have some synergistic value; but beta alanine cannot replace the value of MORE whey supplementation.

WHEY Performance beyond just building muscle!

Recent Ohio State University research confirms the value of decreasing the biological markers of oxidation and inflammation to alleviate post-workout soreness and improve recovery rate. Alleviating the soreness is not at all about the pain; it`s merely an indicator that muscle anabolism can ensue undisturbed with the high biological value protein building blocks supplied.

More of the right whey protein that is cold processed, undenatured and glycomacropeptide rich will go a long way to building new muscle, preserving existing lean muscle and keeping you hard, fit and healthy. It will also improve protection from illness and toxicity. 4EverFIT manufactures and distributes an array of different whey flavours as the Fruit Blast Isolate brand. One thing is consistent to all of them – the source of whey is cold filtered, undenatured and glycomacropeptide – rich maintaining the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and high biological value of the protein source.

Our research and development work with these delicate whey proteins has demonstrated incredible health and performance value that is easy for users to confirm.

What will you experience with a whey protein isolate like FRUIT BLAST ISOLATE?

Reduced post-workout soreness to allow greater training intensity.

Faster recovery rate

Improved immune system health to keep training consistent

Improved muscle thickness and strength

Better appetite control and fat management

WHEY Performance beyond just building muscle!

The time you invest in the gym or other forms of training is precious. I know, I’ve been there as a high level competitor and continue to train to stay healthy and fit. I want the best nutrition I can get to get the most from my hard work. Maximize your return on investment with the right protein source that’s tried and true. 4EverFIT Fruitblast Isolate comes in the widest variety of refreshing delicious flavours offering an opportunity to change it up as much as you need to.


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