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Unlocking Fat Burning Secrets with Franco Cavaleri

Updated: May 26

Unlocking Fat Burning Secrets with Franco Cavelari

Maximizing Fat Burn: The Science Unveiled

Franco Cavaleri sheds light on optimizing fat burning during workouts, addressing a common concern among fitness enthusiasts.

Glycogen Depletion and Fat Utilization

Cavaleri explains that during cardio or resistance training, the body naturally leans towards using glycogen stored in the liver as its preferred energy source. It's only after depleting glycogen that the body taps into fat stores, alongside glycogen, and, surprisingly, a bit of muscle mass.

Bypassing Glycogen for Efficient Fat Burn

To fast-track fat burning and avoid prolonged glycogen use, Cavaleri recommends two key approaches. Firstly, Thermobutyrate™ and ThermoGallate™ are designed to bypass glycogen and glucose usage, making fat the primary energy substrate for peripheral tissues. Additionally, caffeine, a simpler alternative, has been proven to initiate fat burning by sidestepping glycogen use.

"Nothing does it like Thermobutyrate™ and ThermoGallate™. Burn fat as a primary energy fuel before your workout. Take Thermobutyrate™ or ThermoGallate™."

Franco Cavaleri's insights revolutionize workout strategies, emphasizing the significance of bypassing glycogen for efficient fat burning.

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