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Restoring Skin and Coat Health From The Inside Out

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Original post: December 16, 2010

Compromised nutrition produces poor cell-to-cell communication all the way down to the genetic level. Feed poor, dead nutrition which has been over-processed and the genetic codes of the body will build a fragile biological system which is missing critical links. The inefficient metabolic activity, very frequently, shows up as infection and inflammation on the skin, at the nose, around mouth, ears and anus where opportunistic microbes can take advantage of the compromised state. Improving nutritional status of the body increases tolerance to illness to enhance quality of life and longevity and reduce veterinary bills.

The rate of skin disease in our pets will continue to rise.

Restoring Skin and Coat Health From The Inside Out

The cause is nutritional imbalance wedded to ever-increasing pollution. The model for the escalating rate of asthma in the North American human population mirrors what is developing on the skin and coats of our pets. The biochemical or biological systems which cause us to experience symptoms of asthma in our airways are more abundantly concentrated in our pets’ skin cells. For this reason our companion animals experience epidemic levels of skin disease as the environmental toxins begin to mount while we experience airway restriction at the same rate. As much as the pollutants in our environment from our new age technologies are to blame for these reactions the manifestation also involves biochemical activity in our cells that we have some control over. Our diet dictates this cellular activity.

Just like you and me, our pets have a certain level of general inflammation that simmers in their cells – subclinical inflammation. Tolerance to illness is closely related to this underlying inflammation. A higher subclinical level may never be felt but it lowers tolerance to these triggers or allergens. Abundant consumption of processed foods can advance this festering to reduce tolerance to allergenic triggers which could otherwise never elicit a reaction on their own.

Step one to naturally regaining control over skin disease.

Restoring Skin and Coat Health From The Inside Out

The first step toward regaining control of this general inflammation is in removing sources of oxidized fatty acids from the diet such as those common to processed foods. Some animals can tolerate processed foods for much of their life but as our global technologies advance and the by-products of these technologies mount the fatty acid imbalances these foods cause in the cells tend to become vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities also tend to be more pronounced as our pets age since the aging cells lose the capacity to control the related hormone activity further advancing the vulnerable state.

Restoring Skin and Coat Health From The Inside Out

Research demonstrates that inflammatory prostaglandin hormones increase the sensitivity of the histamine receptors. These prostaglandin hormones are overproduced if the imbalanced fatty state of the cells persists. Histamine receptors are those which respond to the allergens to initiate the symptoms of allergies whether on the skin or elsewhere in the body. By correcting fatty acid balance in the cells with the correct fatty acid supplement we ultimately empower the body to be more resilient to allergens and in many cases even eliminate the symptoms altogether. The new fatty acid balance also conditions the skin from the inside out to improve general health and coat lustre.

Step ONE to resolving allergies and improving skin health: Remove the source of damaged nutrition and move to more whole fresh foods. Identifying and avoiding the allergen is an obvious solution to the problem.

Restoring Skin and Coat Health From The Inside Out

Step TWO is to supplement this new whole food nutrition with the right ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids in supplemental form to restore a neutral inflammatory response in the cells. The fatty acid supplement for cats and dogs must be a carefully proportioned flaxseed, olive and fish oil blend offering a precise ratio between omega-3 and -6 and then again a precise proportion of the omega-3 DHA and EPA fatty acids. Supplementing with fish oils alone for their DHA and EPA contents will only serve as a Band-aid for the problem providing temporary relief. Correction of the problem requires that essential fats derived from a seed oil like flaxseed (a source of the essential fat, linoleic acid) be supplied with these fish oils to fulfil the essential fatty acid requirements. DHA and EPA are not essential fats.

Step THREE to naturally regaining control over skin disease. A natural antihistamine preparation can provide immediate relief if it`s formulated correctly; it must deliver a precise dose of quercetin supported by biotin, folic acid, zinc and vitamins E and C. Added grapeseed extract for incremental antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity provides bonus support.

Most cases of skin disease respond well to this multilevel nutritional product approach – natural anthistamine and fatty acid application- to eliminate the need for drugs. In fact, many animals require the use of corticosteroids to cope with allergic reactions because nothing else has been able to provide relief. Some will have used these steroids for years. With the combination of the natural antihistamine preparation and fatty acid supplement, the problem can be treated and the corticosteroids slowly tapered down to ultimately eliminate the steroid requirement.

Often times the natural antihistamine is only required for the first month of natural treatment in combination with the fatty acid blend and once this dual power-punch approach has delivered formidable results, the fatty acid component can be continued long-term to maintain the healthy result on its own. The best source of nutraceuticals for our pets comes in the powder and liquid forms as tablets are not utilized as effectively by their digestive and absorptive process. Always consult your veterinary professional before significantly altering the course of prescriptive applications but always consider the least intrusive approach to treating illness and the main long term objective.

The long term objective for therapy must be deeper than mere symptomatic relief.

Restoring Skin and Coat Health From The Inside Out

The natural solution is metabolic correction. These nutraceutical applications are designed to correct the root problem and empower self-sufficient health alleviating the dependency on drugs which may pose harmful side-effects. Correction hinges on that fatty acid balance from which the cells produce a more harmonious balance of hormones. Long term fatty acid balance in the cells of your precious pet is only possible through supplementation with a properly proportioned fatty acid supplement which includes the essential fat, linoleic acid; fish oils cannot supply this essential sufficiently on their own while they supply the therapeutic DHA and EPA. The right balance steers the metabolism to correct itself instilling long term health.


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