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Quick Tips for Boosting Brain Health: Insights from Franco Cavaleri's Lab

Updated: May 26

Quick Tips for Boosting Brain Health: Insights from Franco Cavaleri's Lab

Some quick tips on boosting brain health

Franco Cavaleri offers a sneak peek into his lab, sharing exciting developments focused on brain health and innovative products.

BDNF Induction: Curcumin's Impact on Neurotropic Factor

Franco discusses ongoing research on brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF) expression. He highlights the success of their curcumin products, particularly the new Curcumerone™, which couples curcuminoids with turmerone—a hero product in inducing BDNF.

Unlocking Fat Conversion: Thermogallate™'s Role in UCP Activity

Another project, Thermogallate™, targets D16 cells to boost uncoupling protein (UCP) activity, potentially converting fat into energy. Franco emphasizes the product's ability to enhance thermogenesis and fat burning, introducing a groundbreaking solution for those looking to optimize their metabolism.

"Innovative products like Curcumerone™ and Thermogallate™ aim to fully optimize brain health and metabolic activities for holistic well-being."

Franco Cavaleri's lab provides a glimpse into cutting-edge projects, showcasing the potential of their products in enhancing brain health and metabolic functions.

To delve deeper into these discoveries, watch the full video on YouTube, and explore additional resources at

For a comprehensive understanding, explore Franco's books at, guiding readers through the intricate world of brain health and overall well-being.

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