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My Itchy Itchy Dog

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

My dog's itching is driving me as crazy as it is my dog

Original post: November 2, 2010

My Itchy Itchy Dog

I have changed from one food source to another and have added different supplements but the problem persists. What can I do to relieve my dog?

The most common treatment for skin and coat problems is cold water fish oils to supplement food. These supplements can provide reasonable relief, however, difficult cases require more precise supplementation to correct deeper cellular imbalance; the common cause of skin and coat problems.

My Itchy Itchy Dog

Food processing is commonly known to degrade Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats since these delicate fatty acids are not as stable as the Omega-6 fatty acids. However, unlike our human foods, the high heat used to process common pet foods can have a destructive influence on the Omega-6 component as well. These Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats are involved in the management of inflammation, immune system efficiency and skin and coat condition.

Polyunsaturated fatty acid balance in the cells is closely related to dietary intake. Lack of availability or imbalance in the diet can contribute to exaggerated inflammatory activity, immune system insufficiency, poor skin health and even that uncontrollable itching.

Restoring balance through supplementation can improve inflammatory control and skin and coat health. We have applied these fatty acid principles to improve human health and immune system activity for some time but human-intended supplements are not the best fit for our companion animals due to their metabolic differences and the unique way pet foods are processed.

Fish oils commonly supply an abundance of the Omega-3 fatty acids, ALA, DHA and EPA to help improve these conditions. However, in order to meet your pet’s specific requirements, treat the problem more effectively and correct the problem long term, fish oils should be combined with plant seed oils to provide sufficient levels of the essential fatty acid (linoleic acid) which fish oils alone cannot sufficiently supply. This will help meet the u


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